Linen Cupboard Love

“I don’t like men who are wet blankets.”

“Then you want… a dry blanket?”

“I dunno. I don’t like guys who smother you.”

“So you wouldn’t want a bunny rug then.”

“I’m more after a light summer duvet.”

“Ohh. I want a wild crocheted rug that you throw over your knees when you get cold at the football.”

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12 thoughts on “Linen Cupboard Love

  1. Funny thing about human blankets: they’re often sturdier and more interesting than the real thing. On one hand, there’s the overall expanse of flesh, with its soft and hard areas. Downright jaunty, when you think about it. Plenty of curves, angular mother lodes and straight edges with which to find a lodging. Clothed, unclothed, spooned, sprawled — it all works out to one thing that the blanket can’t give you: intimacy that humbles and puts the silly things we trouble over into proper perspective.

  2. mmmm. human blankie.

    btw TWO new entries today. don’t forget the one below. even though it sucks ass. i have to write about spinning next time. and stuff.

  3. hey hey just read your current obsessions… brumbies are in the finals of the super 12s! the only aussie team left! Its us vs the kiwis! YAY!! I’ll keep you updated ok?? 🙂

  4. Wow – sorry to burst the bubble there Mel, but the mighty Brumbies were taken apart last week by the Auckland Blues 🙁 This weekend it’s the final between the Canterbury Crusaders and the Blues.

    As for what’s cheap and good in Paris… Croissants? Coffee? Looking at the Eiffel Tower from the ground?

  5. Twilight.

    Twilight is good and cheap in Paris! Just walk around in it, it’s the most beautiful thing I saw while I was in Europe.

  6. I’m warm. Oho yes I am. And my cuddliness works wonders with the comfort factor.

    Cheap in Paris? Easy. Go to Notre Dame. Look at the main entrance. Go “ooooh”. Then, walk around the back of it, cross the road and walk into the big concretey thing that has stairs leading down to water level. It’s a memorial to the people who disappeared in WW2, and it’s one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever seen. You can see the Seine, but only through a Picassoesque portcullis. Behind you, there’s a door. It leads to two cell-like rooms. But between the rooms, is a long hallway. The hallway’s covered in little lights, a sea of indicators of the dead. At the end of the hallway – and it’s not small – hangs one solitary light-bulb, representing the light of hope.

    It’s beautiful.

    Hopefully, I’ll even be able to show it to you someday.

  7. Queer As Folk are repeating the first and second seasons – the fuckers. Not sure if there is a third season, cos there wasnt in the UK version. Hope there is though, cos Brian getting his heart broken is painfull yet satisfying to watch, no?

    Someone needs to send you a digital camera so you can show us everything!

  8. heehee!

    love it, shauny.

    have i already commented on this post? can’t remember.

    i think i’d go more your man-poncho. the double-whammy of comforter AND fashion accessory (however dodgy – though in some circles ponchos have made a serious comeback. I’m thinking of sewing myself my very own nurse-style cape).

  9. ex boyfriend was/is a wet blanket.what i really want in a man is a set of flannalet sheets or a king-size doona

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