Would you please be quiet

Who thought that three years ago today when I started this silly blog in order to look busy at work, that I would crap on for so long? That I’d find brilliant new friends that weren’t axe murderers? Or that I’d end up moving overseas just to get some new material? Step back in time!

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24 thoughts on “Would you please be quiet

  1. I can’t believe your first entries were so good! Everyone else starts out with “Today I went to the supermarket and saw someone I know, and it was SO funny.”

    Glad to see Ediburgh isn’t keeping you away from WNP altogether.

  2. God bless What’s New, Pussycat and all who sail in her. A toast. To Shauny. For being publicly grouse for 3 years.


  3. Shauny you are a great writer, you should do it as a profession. I found your website a month or two ago and think it’s really cool, and my friends agree. I have a livejournal but it’s pretty much the “Today I went to the supermarket and saw someone I know, and it was SO funny” variety.

  4. Damn, we’re getting old, S.

    I’m coming up on two years … it seems like only yesterday. Where did the time go?

    Long may you blog. Huzzah!!

  5. That is just so cool! Congratulations!

    Thank you for having a site that almost always makes me laugh, and when it doesn’t, it makes me think or even sometimes, like in the case of your granny, makes me sad. I have a quote that I’ve always liked and though some may see it as a little morbid I don’t, and so I thought I’d post it anyway cause I thought you’d like it.

    “Through the vistas of the years every age but our own seems glamorous and golden. We yearn for the yesterdays and tomorrows, never realizing that we are faced with Hobson’s Choice…that today, bitter or sweet, anxious or calm, is the only day for us. The dream of time is the traitor, and we are all accomplices to the betrayal of ourselves.”

    Keep posting Shaunny!

  6. Now wait just a minute. I want it to remain perfectly clear that I’ve murdered more than a few pickaxes in my time. But it seemed a bit too postmodern for me to destroy an axe with another axe. I couldn’t handle the hypocrisy. So I took to murdering innocent axes (as opposed to exes) with my bare hands.

    The results? Lots of trips to the hospital, cleaved blades that resembled one of Robespierre’s gullotines, my blood as a substitute for porphyry on canvas, and a rethinking of the kinds of inanimate objects I need to murder.

    The exes, by contrast, have not been murdered. But other grautitous methods have been applied. Sometimes they have been meticulously groped or tickled by candelight, even when the end was beyond nigh. You see, exit policies can sometimes be favorable to all parties. And ultimately it’s a more effective (although emotionally confusing) postmodern approach to life.

  7. Blogs are like kids: they all seem to have birthdays in clusters. I just realised that mine turned three about a fortnight ago, now.


    But still, it’s not a patch on what you’ll read here.

  8. pffft.

    hi helen – glad to see another blogging marsh! blogspot blogs are blocked here so hope i get to read it soon 🙂

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