You Know We Belong Together

Oh sweet, sweet lord. I'm getting a hair cut on Saturday. It's been nine weeks. You have to understand how hard this has been for me. I LIVE for the hairdresser, baby. If you could only see the pseudomullet I am sporting right now, you would run for hills and hide oot with the hairy cows. The receptionist at the salon squealed when I gave her my name and phone number. "Shauna! Just like the girl on Home and Away!"

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17 thoughts on “You Know We Belong Together

  1. “Just Like on the Telly” made me laugh very hard. in fact I’m still chuckling just a little bit right now…ahhhhh… *wipes tear*

    Anyway, I just recieved my first flame today and I thought I should ask you (since your a pro at this), and anyone else here if I should be nasty back.

    Also feel free to yell at me for using Shaunys comment area for my own good.

    Nice to see you posting again!

  2. just read ‘just like on the telly’. god forbid that we ever turn into a place ‘just like neighbours’ .. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  3. Slack- just dob. Get their IP and tell on them to their ISP. Otherwise, a wise person once said “Do not feed the trolls.”

    There’s a Shauna on Home and Away? It’s not that awful Holly Valance is it?

  4. For all the supposed hardships. Shauna, you’re doing what you want!

    You didn’t move half wat around the word to have things just like they were at home!

    Soak up the pubs, (even if you can’t understand the Scottish equivelent of the English language!), from Glasgow places like Edinburgh or Ft William are what you used to drive for a band or an after-hours meal.

    (See, I even left off the third ! in a row.

    Make the most of it–it might not be what you expected, but you’re there. Ultimately it’s what YOU make of it.

    Enviously yours,

    Tassie Kym

  5. Tell her you actualy come from Summer Bay, and Ramsey St doesn’t realy exist, it’s just a made up story about a supposed TV station that doesn’t even realy exist.

  6. dude i too have that pseudomullet thing going on. i need to get my hair cut so badly and before next weekend when i travel to brisbane to see my best friend tie the knot. i don’t want her to look back at her photos in 10 years time and ask me what the hell was i thinking with that hair do!

    Monkey… shauna on H&A was on years ago… the chick who plays her now has her own tv show in the states… a legal show… its not too bad… tis on foxtel. and holly valance was on neighbours. and my knowledge about aussie soaps and aussie stars is starting to scare me!

    Shauny… that chick that yelled down the phone might have ‘celebrity worship syndrome’ – keep a close eye on her!! she might start worshipping you too!! 😛

  7. My favourite one is when they ask you if you’ve ever been on Neighbours.

    Then, if you know anyone from Neighbours.

    And then, if you know their cousin X who lives in Darwin and has brown hair and a wife called Debbie, and did we know what happened to that lovely dog they had….


  8. what’s this about you being on Home and Away? was that when they filmed those episodes in England?

    which characters did you meet?

  9. i’m sure your new scottish mullet looks lovely, Shauny. If not, get yourself one of those tam-o-shanter’s with red hair attached…


  10. embrace the she-mullet, shauny! perhaps you could say that the home and away character was written into the script based on your very own life and times …

    i’m not sure which character is shauna, so that could have been a disastrous comment!

  11. Hehe glad you’re having fun! I want pictures of Shauny and Scotland and Pseudomullets!

    P.S. Is there a chance I would have seen Manuel going for education at Tirranna?

  12. AMY! yes, mum bought manuel off us before we left! so manuel stays in goulburn now 🙂 hehe.

    love to youse commenting legends. bloody hell i miss you guys. i’ll be moving to a new room in the house at the end of june and hopefully then i will have the money for the phone line. rawwwwwk 🙂

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