Finger Lickin’ Good

I ate haggis for lunch today! It wasn't so bad. It was actually quite nice for a sheeps innards. Not sure it will happen again though. More soon!

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18 thoughts on “Finger Lickin’ Good

  1. When you get right down to it, the ingredients in haggis are probably much less offensive than those in Woolworths’ sausages.

    At least everyone bluntly acknowledges that haggis is offal.


  2. I agree with TJ. Not that I’ve ever eaten haggis. I reckon part of its bad rap comes from the name. What did it taste like?

  3. BBLLLLAAAAARRRRGHHHH…..[looks left and right]…..I am not crazy…. 🙂 Sounds like you’re having quite the adventure over that way!

  4. Good lord. I salute your courage ma’am.

    Your setting quite the high benchmark in daring for Australian bloggers moving to the UK, hope I can come anywhere near it – even if I will be living the wrong side of Hadrian’s wall.

  5. Yum! Haggis is rather tasty if it’s prepared well. Good on you for trying it. My opinion of haggis, though, may well be coloured by the fact that I nearly married a Scot (who had an accent to UTTERLY DIE FOR), but that’s another story.

    Hey … there’s an idea …

  6. Mmm, I really want to try haggis. If I end up moving to Scotland, that’s the first thing I’m doing.

  7. it tasted sort of like mince… a bit spicier… and it tasted good because it was FREE, ha ha. A guy at work bought it in for me on Tuesday and refused to let me heat up my leftover pasta because he thought it was a travesty i’ve been here over two months and hadn’t tried it yet. bloody forceful people, these scots!

    have just sneaked online at work again! so hello to youse all! emails and posts soonly!

  8. Hi Shauny, just thought I’d say hi. Your making me jealous with all your stories lovey. Hope things are going well over there and that your feeling happy and healthy. Sounds like a message from your grandmama doesn’t it. NJ

  9. Great stuff, haggis. Spicy, chewy; great with gravy, tatties and neaps.

    A butcher once described the average sausage as a condom filled with slurry.

    Give me haggis any day!

  10. I’m wi’ MOMO, it’s the name.

    If it were sauscisson de flibberdigibbet or what have you it wouldn’t merit comment, so just coz it sounds like a bond villian it is shunned.

    as you were.

    Pol x

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