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Paris was rockin', even on our teeny tiny budget and my pathetic attempts at French. It was 31'C on Sunday, we sat beside the fountain in front of the Louvre, dipping our feet in the water. So much to say but I am utterly stuffed. That is the problem lately, I am busting at the seams to write, yet so little energy. Me sleep now!

the arc!

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9 thoughts on “News In Briefs

  1. Just so long as you got to Arc your Triomphe baby, it’s all good.

    Goddam, I hit Paris in 3 months and my French is so rusty I suspect nothing will be able to oil it back into action.

    Ugly, creaking, orange-and-brown flaking syntax here I come!

  2. Yeah, I’m with Monkey there Shauna. Interesting words you used overall in your blog 😉 And although I’ve mentioned this to Ed, I think that his comment above is the shortest entry I have ever seen from him =P

  3. You probably managed to use more French than I did in Paris – “une baguette avec jambon, s’il vous plait” was about all i could manage.

  4. Just across the Channel—a different country, culture, language. Why can’t we tow Oz up to the “real” world, instead of being stuck here! But then, if we were closer, maybe we’d be more like them–scary thought!

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