Young at Heart

Scottish men. What can I say? I can’t get enough of them and they can’t get enough of me. Just witness this conversation I had with a client the other day!

It was supposed to be a brief call to make an appointment for someone to visit him, but the flirty old bugger wouldn’t stop talking. His name was Alex and he was eighty-four years old.

OLD DUDE:  So dear, where are you calling me from?

SHAUNA:  I’m in Edinburgh.

OD:  Edinburgh! Have you climbed Arthurs Seat?

S:  Not yet…

OD:  Oh you have to! Have you heard the legend about Arthurs Seat? It says you have to wash your face in the morning dew in June on Arthurs Seat. I did it myself once, when I got out of the army. You should see my complexion.

S:  It’s June now, I guess I should get cracking?

OD:  Yes you should! Then you have to send me a photo of your face so I can see if it worked or not.

S:  And what if it doesn’t?

OD:  Well I guess I’ll use it as a dartboard!

S:  Hey!

OD:  Och, that wasn’t very nice was it? Promise I’ll be nice to you now.

S:  You’d better be!

OD:  I will. So is it you that’s coming to visit me on Thursday?

S:  Oh I’m afraid I won’t be, I just work here in the office.

OD:  Got you chained to the desk have they?

S:  Yep!

OD:  Oooooh… now that sounds rather fun…

S:  *giggles*

OD:  But don’t worry about it dear. I am sure if you wait awhile, your knight in shining armour will come and free you from your bonds!

S:  I sure hope so!

OD:  Just watch out though, once he does that he’ll probably just take you outside and tie you to a lamp post!

S:  *hysterical laughter*

OD:  Ah ha! I made you laugh again! Not bad for an old man of 184, don’t you think?

S:  You’re doing very well.

OD:  But you know you owe me for all this entertainment!

S:  I do?

OD:  Oh yes. For each laugh I give you, you owe me one cuddle.

S:  Really? I think that’s three times you’ve made me laugh now.

OD:  Oh I’ve been counting dear, believe me…

S:  I’ve really enjoyed our chat but I have about 50 more calls to make today…

OD:  You know the others won’t be half as interesting as me. They’ll just be old and boring!

S:  You’ll be hard to top, that’s for sure.

OD:  Are you sure you can’t come and visit on Thursday?

S:  I’m sure. I’m as crushed as you are!

OD:  But what to do about these owed cuddles?

OD:  *dramatic sigh*

OD:  Oh well. It’s been very nice talking to you dear!

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25 thoughts on “Young at Heart

  1. That is too cute! I love old guys who manage to keep their sense of humor and conversational skills sharp. Unfortunately so many seem to turn crotchety instead.

  2. you gotta love old flirty men. i’ll bet old flirty men always wished they could have been so brazenly flirty when they were young men. then again, maybe they were that brazenly flirty & they just got slapped a lot. now that they’re old though, they know they can get away with it.

  3. That’s the coolest! I hope I’m still that flirty when I’m 84.
    Not that I’ve ever been that flirty… better get started!

  4. my grandfather was like that. the day before he died he was still flirting with the nurses in the hospital. he was 92. not bad eh? 🙂

  5. Och Shauny, you’re slaying all the men in kilts…!
    Are you going to climb Arthurs Seat? (Because I’m in Victoria, the name ‘Arthurs Seat’ just gives me visions of haphazardly swinging chairlifts.)

  6. I was so sure that when he said ‘have you climbed Arthur’s seat?’ he’d then counter with somethin like ‘I’m Arthur! Get climbing!’

    It just sounds lewd. That’s all.

    Gwarn though, do the dew thing. do. do da dew.

  7. I’d really like to apologise for my father’s behaviour. I’ll be sure not to let him out of the broom cupboard again, so that he gets the chance to use the phone. Sorry.

  8. Hehehe, ah that made me laugh :). What a funny old man! It was amusing up to the ‘cuddles’ part, and a bit scary after that. You’re a legend Shauny 🙂

  9. I love it! Old men can be alternately adorable and creepy – and I think it’s more adorable if you’re hearing the story second hand.

    You should definitely climb Arthur’s Seat. The view is not to be believed. You should also go to Edinburgh Castle and stick your head in Mons Meg. That is NOT as dirty as it sounds. 🙂

  10. Arthur’s Seat was one of my favorite parts of Edinburgh. The view is indeed fabulous and it’s just a really cool place to wander around!

  11. hehehe 🙂 you kids crack me. and monkey, great to see your mind is as filthy as ever!

    luke – told me what?

  12. WOULD you like lots of MONEY? Please publish all your posts in a book. I could buy it and read everything sequentially in a variety of locations rather than huddling in front of the computer in the evening avoiding my domestic tasks…

  13. It’s all in the accents, Miss Shauny. The Scottish accent pushes every single one of my buttons.

    Plus I bet it’s also your magnetic mojo. You *tsssss* too hot to handle, girlie! 🙂

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