Geek Alert!

There's big trouble a-brewin' with my iBook, Harvey. Read on…

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4 thoughts on “Geek Alert!

  1. Coff! coff! Ahem. Coff! Learn ya for getting a mac…coffcoffcoff Ahem. Sorry. Something caught in my throat there…

  2. I had trouble with my G4’s video cards when I used Macs in the UK. Sounds like the cable inside your monitor (a little arsey one that connects your monitor to the card in the guts of the computer) might’ve come loose. Get Apple to have a look at it, methinks.

  3. But… It’s obvious isn’t it? You need to be NICE to all your appliances or they will revolt! A watched pot will boil twice as slow, but if you’re TALKING to whatever you’re boiling, it will be ready about twice as fast (effectively nullifying the watching, of course). So be nice to Harvey, pet him and cuddle him and don’t call him George, and you should be just fine.

  4. thanks lukey 🙂

    demos, good advice… but i am always nice to harvey! he is my photoalbum and jukebox and writing pad all rolled into one. i lurve him. sigh.

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