Kids These Days

"Do you know what I love," she says to him dreamily, their limbs all tangled on the back seat of the bus, "I love that feeling when you fill a whole notebook with stories or shopping lists, and then you flick through the pages over and over… you can hear the ink crackling… "So what do you love?" "Hmmm." He thinks for a long while. "You know when you get a big spot on your face, right. All day you're just busting to pop it but you know it's not the right time. So you wait and wait and let it get to that boiling point. Then you finally squeeze and that's what I love, that little rush you get when it just whooshes out so perfectly and neatly." "You fucking make me sick!" she sqwarks. She removes her leg from over his leg and his arm from under her arm. She picks up the ridiculous little handbag and scrunches over beside the window.

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19 thoughts on “Kids These Days

  1. heh.. glad to see that hypersensitive bimbettes come all over the world.

    hope you’re have a great, non-pustulent time, gorgeous.

  2. well yes, she *did* ask, but it is like men to come up with the most inappropriate, unromantic thing to say at a moment like that.

  3. I’m sure it didn’t seem unromantic to him. Who are we to say what’s romantic and what’s not? Are we the romance police?

  4. Romantic? Filling a notebook is romantic? What the….

    A least pimple popping is closer to sex than a note book, I mean, all that tension and anticipation then a quick squeeze and… POP goes the weasel!

  5. well i feel sorry for the girl. after years of trying to be romantic with t-bone, and having responses like that, and realising that’s pretty much the only sort of answer i’ll ever get out of t-bone so long as he remains male, i feel sorry for the girl.


  6. Hyuk, I’m a scot who lived in Oz for a long time so i am loving the site.

    Keep up the frightfully good madey uppy stories oh yes.

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