P in the Park

Sweet relief…

ooh yes

More T in the Park photos here!

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16 thoughts on “P in the Park

  1. hurrah for shitty disposable cameras…
    hurrah for shitty “photos on CD” from Boots…
    hurrah for Microsoft Photo Editor instead of Photoshop Save For Web…


  2. anyone else notice that the two blokes on the right are a little “closer” to each other than the guy on the left?

  3. Shauny, did you make these guys do this? This shot is far too well composed to be jut a snapshot. (Seriously, did you tell the girl to hold her hand in this gesture, for example?… qoite brilliunt…)
    On another note, is this a Legoland tour bus? The red poles and the “hello-yellow-stop-button somehow make me think so.

  4. “Since coming to college, I’ve come to realize that to men, most anything can double as a toilet.”


    … the photo is also tres amusant.

  5. ep – there were chicks squatting further up the hill… hehe

    witold – just pure luck. and that was actually a guy, probably the star of a Hanson tribute band.

  6. C’mon, guys, let’s face facts. Sarah’s right.

    I’m a little worried that she only found that out since starting uni. What was the particular eye-opening incident?

  7. ” there were chicks squatting further up the hill… hehe”

    It also strikes me these fine young men are commiting the first error of going the public slash – attempting to pee uphill.

    Let alone while others are try to pee downhill.

    At least they didn’t mistake the back of the bus for a urinal, unlike one crazy homeless dude I encountered on a bus in Berlin as an impressionable teen …

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