Strawberries and Cream

The Poo is into the Wimbledon final! This is good news for Australia, and particularly good news for fans of aesthetically-pleasing male tennis players. He's got the tattoo, the dreamy long legs… if only he'd shave that annoying fluff off his chin. And let's not forget he has the best grunt in the game – it's a rather saucy uuuuhhhh that can really fire up ones imagination. So tune in, Australia! Set your alarm clocks and support this little Aussie battler! Who cares if he lives in California? Wimbledon haiku: "Tim Henman to win"? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha UPDATE:  Oh Poo. My wee heart is broken! But you'll be back! We love you! And well done, Federer. He's crying! Oh don't you want to cuddle him? I love an emotional winner!

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13 thoughts on “Strawberries and Cream

  1. That’s really weird, I was sort of going to get around to checking the scores on the match after I did the usual round of reads, and doosh, he’s already won.


  2. update: federer is in to the final now. now THERE’s a handsome lad. and no monobrow either… roll on sunday!

  3. Don’t know about the dreamy legs, but his serve gives every other male tennis player nightmares.

  4. Maaaan, Shauny, nothing in that haiku about the morning dew! You know it isn’t a real haiku unless there’s a reference. Although…I love this. Yeah. So.

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