Crazy Town

The escalator groaned as I ascended, red-faced and sweaty. Only elite athletes like myself spend two hours at the gym then take the escalator afterwards. Once at the top, I spied all sorts of action at the nearby cinema. It’s one of the venues for the Edinburgh International Film Festival. There were shiny cars, people with cameras and… a red carpet!

Oooh, excitement. And I’d heard Ewan McGrrrrregor was in town for the premiere of his saucy new film. Just my luck, I’d bump into the lusty lad while wearing baggy pants and a hint of that morning’s Weetabix on my t-shirt.

Thankfully he wasn’t among the crowd. But you never know who you could bump into this time of year. This town is buzzzzzzzzing! There’s also the Fringe Festival, the Book Festival, the International Festival, the Edinburgh Tattoo… there’s no Ewan but there’s a dude juggling chainsaws, too many bloody pipers, bad street theatre, busloads of wrinklies shuffling up to the Castle. Every available surface is slathered by wacky posters of wacky comedians with wacky faces. Every night there’s fireworks and cannon’s firing, the blast sends your lungs rattling in your ribcage. Afterwards there’s a flurry of noise, dogs howling, birds squawking and spluttering.

Last Sunday there were all sorts of free performances on The Meadows. It was a gorgeous summer day. When it warms up here it’s like a dream summer, it doesn’t sap your strength like in Australia, it’s more slow and languid and… nice. It makes me want ice cream. At one point there was a salsa band and all sorts of people were getting up to dance. I couldn’t take my eyes off this exotic looking girl and her geeky dance partner. She really looked the part, all dark and long haired and snaky hipped. When she dragged him up I thought, Hehe, he is gonna suck. Why are they together?

But he didn’t suck. He just transformed when the music sparked up, moving so gracefully and sexily like he had caramel flowing through his veins, oooh they looked so good together.

It would be so cool to have a hidden talent like that. I would be at peace with being a dork if I could do something. Do you ever dream of just waking up one day, opening your trap and suddenly you could sing? Or when dinner parties were dull, you could pipe up and say, Don’t worry folks! I can can-can!

Or maybe you knew how to juggle some cutlery. Or you could pick up a guitar and pluck it into life. All these crazy people in town right now, maybe some of them are accountants or bus drivers normally, most people don’t know that they have this thing that they can do. People think they’re Mr Ordinary walking down the street, but little do they know, he can burst into an entertainment machine at any moment.

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15 thoughts on “Crazy Town

  1. You write, Miss Shauny. And disconcertingly well, I might add. You must have forgotten.

    (I too dream for a hidden talent. Something people will exclaim over. Like, uh, being magnetic or something.)

  2. Edinburgh sounds so exciting at this time of year.

    In comparison, as I walked along the South Bank (of the Thames, in London) the other day, there were a very few street entertainers. One was from Sydney. His thing was to juggle clubs while on a tall unicycle. But his real talent was for building such a tiny act into many minutes of entertainment for the crowd that gathered. He even had us applauding for him walking from one part of the pavement to another!

    There were also some people pretending to be statues. They made up about half the entertainers there.

    Anyway, talking of hidden talents, how’s your novel coming on?

  3. I recently met a chap who did the working holiday thing in Edinburgh, mostly because he couldn’t afford London. He said that during his stay there he got into the local indie scenes in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and at one stage almost ended up playing bass with Belle & Sebastian. He really talked up the virtues of going to Scotland.

    Meanwhile, London’s live scene apparently sucks compared to Melbourne, consisting of a few scattered mini-scenes in the undergrowth beneath the big corporate stuff. Hmmm…

  4. So how is the Mothership these days? (yes, this comment was to totally throw the topic off) =P

  5. Shaunny! You have a great and wondrous talent. You pull out Harvey (or some like-styled contraption) and make me laugh!

    Mel Brooks said “Dying is easy, it’s comedy that’s hard!” and he was right.

    And really, on earth, what could be a better talent then that?

  6. Glad to know you are alive, well and still writing up a dream, Miss Ess.

    In other news, I can do very good imitations of famous people. And accents. I’m quite good at accents, apparently.

  7. Hmmm … hidden talents.

    I can read Tarot cards, which is unusual for a lawyer, but not necesarily free of “dork” stigma.

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