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It´s Wednesday night and I´m Reykjavik. There was a time when the biggest thrill on a Wednesday night was a trip to Supabarn to get some chocolate, sans underwear. But now here we are, as far north as you can go short of sitting in Santa´s lap, joining the ranks of Damon Albarn as one who crows about this strange and desolate landscape and the invigorating effects it has on one´s creativity. Nah, it´s more just coz we got a cheap flight and a hostel. But do watch out for my upcoming side-project blog, staffed by hipster cartoon characters.

This keyboard has all sorts of crazy squiggle¨s! æ Ö þ þ þ þ

It is fucking amazing here! Beware of bloated What I Did On My Holidays posts when we get back on Friday.

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20 thoughts on “View from the Top

  1. You MUST go to the Blue Lagoon – it is the most magical place to take a dip! I went there in winter – I’ll never forget swimming outside in a hot thermal pool while it was snowing!

  2. Iceland is an awesome place. I hope you don’t just stick to Reykjavik, and see some of the rest of the country. There are some truly mind-blowing places in that country. Þingvallavatn, Sölheimajökull, Breiðamerkujökull, Gullfoss, Þingvellir – I think the list is almost endless! Incase you hadn’t noticed, I kinda’ like Iceland… 😀

  3. Those squiggly characters look almost runic. And I read they halt highway construction over there because people are concerned about the welfare of elves. It seems like it’s potentially the only country still in the “Here Be Dragons” part of the map.

  4. Jim, they are Runic based. Iceland was one of the last countries to convert over to the Latin script and also the last to convert to Christianity (in 1000 AD).

    As a side note, they’re also the first to offically recognise their “Pagan” religion, Ásatrú. Christianity didn’t really get all that good a hold on ’em 🙂

  5. Wait till you see what your site looks like in China… there are Chinese words sprinkled all over the text. Like a Chinese dictionary peed on your weblog.

  6. oh dear… i only just looked at this entry, didn’t have time to view the site at the time. there’s squiggles where i didn’t expect squiggles to be. oh well, i will preserve it as is 🙂 back in edinburgh now, more soon…

  7. well, was about to post a some tips from a native about what to see & do etc but i see you’re back in Edinburgh, hope you had a nice time here 🙂

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