Today, after getting off the bus at Fountainbridge, I slipped over. Taking a tumble is nothing new for me. But today, I quite literally slipped on a banana peel. Tomorrow I will be on the lookout for flying cream pies.

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14 thoughts on “Slapstick

  1. I’m with Dan: watch out for the ladders. In particular, if a ladder swings towards you, and you duck under it, DON’T STAND UP. It’s coming back for another round.

    Also, don’t sniff any flowers on people’s lapels, and if your hose isn’t working, don’t look into the nozzle to work out what’s wrong.

    On a related note, one of my brother-in-law’s relatives actually stepped on the head of a rake once and had the handle smack him in the face. THAT, I didn’t think possible.

  2. Ah Shauny, if I’d been there I would have made a special effort to provide humorous sound effects and a voice over, a la Funniest Home Videos.

    I’m considerate like that.


  3. If I were there, I would have laughed till I pulled something. In a supporting manner, of course. teehee. Sorry, but it’s funny.

  4. I’m with Alegna and Monkey. In that I, too, have done the rake thing, and I, too, would be laughing my fat little arse off (supportively).

    By the way, Shauny, you’re my new hero. Well, more so.

  5. Well, I’m going to be the first considerate soul to ask were you injured in this comedic moment, Shauny dear?


    If it had’ve happened at work, would’ve been the BEST WorkCover compo application.

    How did the injury occur?: Slipped on banana peel. Take your pick of any Warner Brothers cartoon for 2-D reinactment.

  6. Yes! I am not alone! I have done the ultimate pratfall myself. Even worse was the fact that at the time, I was spinning a walking cane as I was on the way back from the costume shop.

    It went something like this: walk, walk, arse around with cane, whistle jaunty tune, step on banana peel, cane and Meg go flying, Meg lands in amusing manner, cane lands on top of her. Friend laughs herself sick and fails to help Meg up. Bastard.

  7. Fair Shauny, so seldom are you outdone by a commenter – but Meg takes the biscuit.

    I am amazed at my own lack of injury after cycling for two weeks now, after not touching a bike since age 18.

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