The Mothership’s Strange And Continuing Struggle To Pronounce “Edinburgh”

“Hello darling daughter, how's life treating you in…

– Enn-bruh

– Ennenbruh

– Edderburrow

– Edenbuh

– Eden, the Garden of

– Ennerbrow

– Ededbra

– Ed from Radiohead

– Edward Scissorhands


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21 thoughts on “The Mothership’s Strange And Continuing Struggle To Pronounce “Edinburgh”

  1. So, is it burruh, or berg? Whatever happened to consistency? I never did get the Arkansas/ Kansas thing.

  2. this is not just one of Shauna’s Stupid Entries. The Mothership really has pronounced Edinburgh all of those ways. 7 out of the 10, anyway.

  3. If Ed were still posting here I’d say
    Ed-in-Bra, and then he would no doubt post a lengthly post harkoning back to some pre-apocolyptic-triptich he’s once read regarding Northern Accents of the British Isles and about quarter way through his post my eye’s would glaze over and my nose would get all “wobbly” and I’d have to leave and get a glass of water.

    But Ed’s not around much these days…

    The Mothership by phone is but a fifth-Mothership. (or there abouts) But it’s a darn good fifth. No doubt you know that already.

  4. R Grall, easy way to remember the difference: Arkansas is pronounced “Missouri, Only Stupid,” and Kansas is pronounced Kansas.

  5. Ed in bra?

    Edden-bruh is how I say it, but I’m a bit of a dumbass with some pronunciations.

    I love the Mothership.

  6. I say “eddanborough”, but I say it pretty quickly (which causes a few complaints, especially from Americans), so it comes out like “ed’n’bruh”; think of it as “I’ll’aveuhfish’n’chipspluzz” sort of speed.

  7. Ahem, let me see how I say it. Yes. I’m drunk and I wail ‘oooOOOHHhhhhooohhh Shauny’s LEFT me an gone to Ennnbraaaaaaaboohoohoo!’

    There you go – it’s pronounced ‘Enbra’. The boohoo is optional.

  8. should say weejie

    ah hell , drink had been taken, as they say by way of excuse in the Irish Times

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