Not My Lover

So the cops have raided Michael Jackson's house, but they're not yet saying why. My guess is he's getting busted for the misleading the public on the cover of his latest album. Look at that strain on his face, the intense concentration. It's clearly a number two.

numero uno

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10 thoughts on “Not My Lover

  1. hey miss shauny *hugs*

    on the tv this morning they said it had something to do with a complaint from a 12 year old boy. gee… now there’s a surprise – NOT! 🙂

  2. Hey Shauny, Doesn’t defamation worry you?

    “Famous international blogger sued by Michael Jackson!”

    You are funny though.

  3. Very funny, except the arrest warrant issued this morning had to do with “Little Ones”. On the other had mr. jackson should be flushed, but not with sucess..

  4. “Fill his jeans with lots of large turds…”

    But I fear for this strange alien’s life. He’s just 120 pounds of faded coo and screech, and though he may (or may not) be bad, be bad, be really, really bad, he will certainly be brutally, painfully, bloodily, horribly killed by someone worse if they manage to put him in a regular prison. I hope they just shut him away quietly with the other circus animals somewhere.

    (I know, I know, you’re thinking, “yeah, tigers would be good.” But.)

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