Still Sleepwalking

I just can’t get the words out today. I want to be back in Iceland with all that space and nothingness, where the mind emptied then filled right up again with energy and ideas and ridiculous levels of excitement.

in front of Mt Hekla

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9 thoughts on “Still Sleepwalking

  1. I tried emptying my mind, but then I couldn’t figure out how to put new better stuff back in and now I’m lost.
    Also: miss you!

  2. 🙂

    It’s nothing to do with the Edinburgh winter and everything to do with working six or seven days a week. My energy levels have turned to crap. Need to write more, need to go to the gym more, need to reply to emails, need to see more of this country, etc etc etc.

    Actually it was just an excuse to post that photo. That’s a volcano in the background, Mt Hekla. It’s three months since we went there and I still haven’t finished my entry about that day. D’oh!

    Moan, moan. Sorry people. Life is actually bloody brilliant right now, I’ve never felt more content and optimistic. I am just really knackered from the work, tis all.

  3. Some site I just checked: “Old tales tell of the belief that the soul’s of the condemned travelled through Hekla’s crater on their way to hell.”

    So I guess I’ll be getting to Iceland eventually.

    But you: “Life is actually bloody brilliant right now, I’ve never felt more content and optimistic. ”

    That’s great.

  4. Great photo. Iceland is definitely on my list of places to go. So is Mongolia!! Mongolia’s open spaces look absolutely amazing. Being in Japan i really should make the effort to go to Mongolia as it is really not that far away!! Time and money, I don’t have either 🙁

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