We're still manning the phones on weekends for Scotland's seniors. Many clients have extreme temperature sensors installed, which means we automatically get a call if there is a sudden rise or drop in temperature inside their house. Rhiannon recently had a classic moment with a 95-year-old lady, let's call her Mrs McElderly.

RHI:  Hello Mrs McElderly. We've had a call from your Extreme Heat temperature sensor. Are you okay there?

MRS McELDERLY:  Oh yes! I'm alright hen! I was running a very high temperature early today actually. But I've taken my pills and I've been in my bed so it's come down a lot, I'm feeling much better now. Thank you!

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14 thoughts on “Fever

  1. Cute story. I can think of a lot of my elderly ladies who might respond the same way.

    Have a happy Christmas – just think, you can experiece a white Christmas for a change after all those sunny ones.

    At least it’s a change.

  2. Ahh the norther hemisphere xmas. All that dark and wet and shiny lights. All I seem to remember are delayed flights, the inside of pubs, warm beer which is oddly nice when it is freezing.
    Sun was up at 5.30 am in Sydney though rainy and shitty I ran on the beach and hurdled (though I am a crap hurdler) all the 18 year olds who have been celebrating the end of school and seem to end up each morning on Balmoral and sleep through the dawn in foetal positions in their going out gear on the sand.

  3. Actually, the entire concept of an “extreme temperature sensor” in the UK seems kind of funny.

    You want extreme temperature changes people? Step outside into that winter!

    It actually seems fairly reasonable down here in the South, but I still can’t get used to this dark by 4 pm thing – still I guess in Edinburgh it’s only all the more frosty, gloomy and star-studded bible black, eh? (Oh,wait, that’s Wales …)

  4. Hi,
    Just dropping in from my exciting NSW Public Service job to say hello as I have been following your blog since you gained infamy through the smh and have been really rude in not saying a word!! So Hello Hen

  5. Being Scotland for New Year? Wow. I wanted to be Greece, but they wouldn’t let me. Humph. Now I’m going to have to be Latvia or Estonia or something.

  6. that’s brilliant.

    mrs. mcelderly doesn’t seem the least bit fazed despite believing that it is entirely possible for rhi to take her temperature from a call center in the city!

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