Ho Ho Ho

Happy holidays, all you lovely people. The Mothership said they’ve forecast 35’C back home…

Glen Coe

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27 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho

  1. Merry Christmas Miss Shauny! Yup it’s going to be a hot one here today! We are going the cold food for lunch rather than slaving in a hot kitchen! Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  2. Dear Shauny,

    Thanks for all your contributions, you have added to my year immeasurably, really. It is not quite 35C in the capital today, but…

    Thanks again for sharing.

    Merry White Christmas.



  3. (What a beautiful picture)
    Merry Christmas Shauny!
    Your writing is like an amazing gift to all of us. Thank you so much!
    You are incredibly gifted and so very kind.

  4. Merry christmas!!!

    What did you get for lunch in bonny scotland?
    Ham and/or turkey i hope – or something christmassy.
    We had ham, and real Xmas pudding, and it was great – capital even.

  5. happy crimbo to you all, you’re gems, GEMS, i tells ya.

    ep – it’s midday and amazingly bright and sunny! perhaps i was transported to oz in my sleep.

    this morning i worked and called old folks to make sure they were alive, now i am doing some laundry, then rhi and i are cooking a huge meal to scoff down and not share with anyone, then we shall watch Amelie on Channel 4 and drink a bottle of 2001 Koonunga Hill cabernet shiraz that will make us disgustingly homesick… hehe 🙂

    hope you’re having a good one over your way!

  6. I left the rain of vancouver to find the snow here, but it’s hidden under slush and rain.
    merrry christmas shauna!

  7. Merry Xmas!

    I hope you’re enjoying Xmas in its Xmas card form – dark cosy nights (and days), maybe snow, no barbeques in sight.

    I’m missing the beaches back home too 🙁

    Maybe this:

    is the answer to your iTunes conundrum?

    I haven’t tried it (disclaimer: use at own risk) but it’s a good way to hide the Barry Manilow!

    Enjoy Hogmany!

    Scott 🙂

  8. Hello Shauna –

    Merry (late) Christmas to you. I started reading your blog after I had been reading SJ’s blog for awhile. Your lovely’s writing — oops, your writing’s lovely! I’m especially enjoying your entries now, as I spent a semester abroad in Edinburgh when I was a collge junior from Maine, USA in the earl 90s. I lived in Kenneth Mackenzie House on Lauder Road. When you write about the early dark, walking through The Meadows, and riding the bus, I get a happy/sad feeling of remembering what it was like in that lovely land. Good times.
    Anyway, thanks agan for your beautiful writing. Your blog, like SJ’s, inspires me to continue with my own scribblings. Take a walk around Arthur’s Seat for me. . .

  9. Belated, ‘cos I haven’t been online. As the sorry state of my own blog would indicate. But happy Xmas, kiddo, and all that NY guff, too.

    It was 38 here on the big day.

    Only 15 months to go, eh?

  10. I wanted to post a comment, but somebody with my name posted one already and it is all pretty much spot on… so I can just wish you a happy time again (and again and again and again and again…)

  11. It’s the end of the year, and I realize that I haven’t left a sizable comment on your blog in some time. It’s not for lack of wanting, or failing to read and appreciate your lovely thoughts. As you and I both know, Shauny, the blown up photo negative is still mounted to the wall of my room, carefully framed in a black plastic polymer frame I assembled myself (without instructions). That took brainpower.

    The candles still burn next to your glorious reversal image. The gilded elephant sculptures that I fleeced from an artist in Soho still sit on each end of the only wall of my room not bound by buckram books. For yours, dear lady, is an image to spend a lifetime reading. Sometimes, I open a bottle of sasparilla and offer you a toast, trying desperately to convey my thoughts in Yiddish. Other times, I set myself on fire, burning a finger or two after dousing them with counterfeit absinthe, largely because I want some physical trace of the fire raging within, and the counterfeit stuff is more abrasive. The doctors suggest this is a bad idea. I tell them that they are foolish. For the transplanted Australian in Scotland lives in my heart and my wall, sometimes telling me precisely when to starch my socks. I look up to this Shauny shrine regularly, seeing your visage in a blown out blue, and, on bored days, inject myself with Clorox in the dim hopes that I too can share your physical state. Sometimes, it works. Other times, I call the emergency line, or I have my lackey do this for me, as I come close to death. He understands I’m busy when I’m in pain.

    The point is Shauny that I’ve failed to offer my thanks. If it weren’t for you, I’d be stalking some other hapless lady, sending her love letters pasted together in crude magazine cutouts. But you’ve given your blessing many times. And, up until now, I’ve kept my silence.

    But love conquers all, infiltrating even your more demented acolytes. So while I know you will always wander in the opposite direction, I still wish you happy holidays, and a great new year. I baked two fruitcakes for you: one within my head, the other sent to you economy class across the waters. Let us hope for both of our sakes that both remain fresh and juicy.

  12. Vi› óskum ?ér og ?ínum gle›ilegra jóla og ?ökkum samfylgdina á árinu sem er a lí›a. Me› bestu jólakve›jum, starfsfólk og eigendur Iceland.

  13. Where the hell have I put my Icelandic-to-English dictionary?

    Goðan daginn! Minn fiskur er veikur. Ef þú ert hungraður þú mátt borða minn hestur.

    (Which I think means “Good day! My fish is weak. If you are hungry you can eat my horse.”)

  14. Only just found your site (very impressive) so I’d like to add my own ” merry mish-mash” Belated, I know—or is it extremely early?

  15. Happy New Year Shauny! Inspired by YOU I have my new weblog up and running just in time for 2004. When re-reading my post for today I realized I had subconsciously copied your narrative style– the back and forth conversation style you often use. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I guess ; ).
    Have a great new year!
    p.s you may remember me from a rather long-winded comment involving the theft of a moose head. (I posted as Charlize.) I look forward to many more of your funny stories.

  16. Ágæti vi›skiptavinur Pussycat,

    Í bo›i eru frími›ar a›ra lei›ina til London og Kaupmannahafnar á flri›judögum og laugardögum í janúar, febrúar og mars. Fyrsti flugdagurinn á frími›um er flri›judagurinn 13. janúar. Okkar lágu fargjöld gilda sí›an eins og venjulega frá flessum stö›um til Íslands.

    Farflegar grei›a a›eins flugvallarskatta frá Íslandi. Til a› finna frími›a leitar›u eftir fargjaldi á, sko›a›u flá fleiri möguleika. Mundu a› frími›arnir standa til bo›a laugardaga og flri›judaga.

    Me› bestu afmæliskve›jum,


  17. thank you kindly guys… happy new year to you all too!

    can anyone translate flig’s comment? eek!

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