Rule Britannia

The Royal Yacht Britannia used to be the Queen's vessel of choice when she steamed around the world to visit her Commonwealth subjects. These days the Yacht is docked at Leith, Edinburgh and is a thriving tourist attraction. Rhi and I went along last April, and ten months later I'm finally posting my photos.

The Yacht itself was interesting enough, letting us peek into the grand ballroom and Lizzie's boudoir (single bed only! Ol' Phillip was next door). But by far the highlight of the day was our fellow tourists, many of the elderly persuasion, and their struggles with those pesky audio tour handsets….

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20 thoughts on “Rule Britannia

  1. Ooh, I don’t suppose you saw any evidence of nuclear weapons on-board?

    When the Queen came to NZ in 1990, the British Govt didn’t let her take her yacht, because they refused to declare whether it held any nuclear weapons. (NZ has a port ban on all nuclear-equipped ships — it’s the subject of an article I’m doing.)

    Would be cool though if the Royal Yacht had one or two missile launchers. Then the Queen could be a pirate, marauding the high seas. She’d look great with an eyepatch and a parrot.

  2. Well her current wealth is based on however-many years of marauding rape and pillage, so a few more years of piracy can’t hurt! 🙂

  3. You know, shauny, it’s not true that me and liz had separate beds. They just put that in after we got rid of the old dinghy because they didn’t want the public to know the true exent of depravity taking place in our boudoir.

    PS I know ewan mcgregor, and can introduce you to him if you like, but i don’t know why you’d be interested – he is scottish, after all. Why don’t you like english boys? My grandson’s a bloodnut too, and he could certainly use some decent company.

  4. mwahahha… phil you old tiger you.

    the english accent just can’t compete with the scots… ooh er..

  5. I like the old Dude in the sickbay, he looks as though his audio-guide is the how to be an ER doctor edition: “to order this man prepped for surgery STAT! – please press one after the tone.”

    And please tell me that woman has a union jack headscarf! That would be too perfect.

    I saw some boats too, this week, at the Cambridge bumps.

    (Much smaller of course. And no audio guides.)

  6. Aaaahh, it makes me proud to be British. Want to wear your comfy sandals on a freezing winter day? Just wear socks! That’ll sort it.

  7. I just clicked on the gallery, and began wondering why old people use old giant cell phones.

    Audio tour handsets make more sense, but why are there numbers on them? No wonder the old folks were confused! I certainly am.

  8. 6: A spectacular view of Edinburgh in the background
    8: Nice, of course, we want your saliva all over it woman!
    11: Harold marvelled at Her Majesty’s wonderful collection of blue ring binders

  9. I had one of those audio guides when we went to Bath. Guess who dropped it into the hot springs ? After that, surprisingly, it didn’t work. Maybe it was something to do with the water sloshing around behind the display ?

    I didn’t have the balls to tell them when I handed it back.

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