A Stupid Thing That Happened Today

I could almost hear The Mothership's disapproving tones as I crammed the open packet of spaghetti into the little cupboard above the kettle, instead of putting it in a Proper Container and walking the five metres to the pantry where it really belonged. That's just sheer bloody laziness, young lady!

I believe in her ability to Teach Me A Lesson even from the opposite end of the globe. Ten minutes later, while attempting to spread peanut butter on crispbread, the packet leaped off the shelf and a thousand wholemeal arrows hailed down on me. What didn't pierce my eyeballs ended up in the peanut butter jar.


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33 thoughts on “A Stupid Thing That Happened Today

  1. Are you sure the mothership was trying to punnish? It looks more to me like she was creating art half a world away…

  2. Shauny, you make me laugh. Out loud. I can envisage myself causing the same dramas 🙂

  3. I’m with Slack.

    Put that peanut butter jar it in the middle of a totally white room, call it something airy-fairy like ‘The 12 Spears of Karma’, and you done got yerself a high-falutin’ performance art installation worthy of MoMA.

  4. Oh. That’s eerie. Substituted peanut butter for the bowl of cat food on the floor, and we have identical stories. I wonder if our mothers know each other? 😉

  5. AH…!

    See, this exact same accident happened to me, only the implement of destruction was my iron, which I was too lazy to put under the sink. No, I was standing in front of that metal cabinet ten feet away, ahoved it up inside, slammed the door shut and…

    It landed in the cat’s water bowl.

    The cats were not amused.

  6. Brilliant…the wonders of Mothership. I can just hear her saying “that’s sheer bloody laziness!”

  7. where did you get LAUNDRY from, Matthew?

    slack – yes i agree, it does look vaguely arty, i think that’s coz of the stainless steel splashback – it’s always filthy so under the lens it ends up looking quite groovy!

  8. Man, Shauny, you’re about to start a worldwide revolution in art. Pasta stuck in inappropriate places. I can see it now.

  9. mb, you obviously don’t have children. From a very early age in nurseries and schools they learn to stick pasta onto all sorts of inappropriate things, making them ugly: pictures, pictureframes, calendars, greeting cards… and the list goes on. I wish I had ever got anything as pretty as shauny’s peanut butter jar.

  10. I have no kids, Claudia, you’re right–I vaguely remember being one, and having to glue macaroni to shoeboxes, then the teacher’d spraypaint it.

    I was always too embarrassed to give that to my mother. I’d drop it in the convenient trash cans outside the door of the school. Mother never knew.

  11. Despite what you say about the stainless steel splashback being “filthy”, your kitchen looks so clean. There are no crumbs on the bench, no burnt on crusty bits on the stove top…. if only i lived in such luxury! :p

  12. How come whenever I muster something witty to comment, someone else gets in first, Shauners? I’m just a slowpoke.

    Okay, as Paul says, that there peanut butter is an installation. It belongs in the Saatchi gallery like ca-raaaazytown!

  13. So why is the pasta orange then? Never seen orange spaghetti…ever. What is it? Carrot flavoured? Or what?

  14. Well Hamlet was set in Denmark but based on Scotland, so I say it’s the slings and wholemeal arrows of outrageous fortune.

  15. Sick…?

    Sorry to hear that, hope that by today you’re doing a bit better…

    Not that it’s any consolation or anything, but you and my oldest boy shared the exact same flu on the exact same day, but half a world away in a grey place called Washington State…

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