Only 99p

That last bag o' shite entry was only meant to be there for two days until I finished the next one, but then I got too busy unloading vast quantities of snot and phlegm into cheap, rough tissues and lazing around in bed. In the meantime, have a gander at this wee interview thingie from a recent issue of Web User magazine, in which WNP was Blog of the Fortnight. Woohoo!

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21 thoughts on “Only 99p

  1. Och Shauny – first Canberra, then Scotland… then the WORLD! Soon you’ll have paparazzi trailing you on your bus rides…

    (I couldn’t scroll to the bottom of the image to finish the story…but maybe it’s just me.)

  2. Okay, one way is to save the image to your drive and just open it up in whatever utility you use to open image files with (for those curious). But, surely there’s a better way 🙂


  3. in IE i hit ctrl+n to get it in a new window, not sure if that works in other browsers (it’s been a long time since i joined the dark side)

  4. Jeez, could they have picked some more boring-ass quotes? “Sadly it was 11PM and the cinema was closed, so I had to settle for the DVD extras.” WOO!

    You’ve created many more deserving sentences. Milk has come out my nose. Wasn’t even drinking it at the time. I demand a re-quote.

  5. Congrats, Shauny! We all knew you’d be the famous one, someday. Is there room on your coattails for a hack like me, or possibly the actual me?

  6. Fame, girl! First the comic books, now this. What’s next…And what’s in it for me?

    I wasn’t thinking ‘coattails’ like mb but rather fabuloso parties and free plane tickets to exotic islands and stuff. With Radiohead.

  7. Very good and well deserved.

    Curious though – did they ‘interview’ you or tell you that you would be featured?

    I only ask because my 15 mins of fame in .Net magazine happened without my knowledge so I never managed to get a copy of the issue my site featured in.. (many moons ago now)

  8. Hey, that’s cool.

    I work for the same company that produces webuser – in fact our magazine shares a creative director with them.

    When are they going to interview me about MY blog?!

    Hee, hee.

  9. hello dearies!

    i DUNNO why the STUPID picture won’t load. this always happens when i try and do anything vaguely techinical on this stinking website. i changed the link to just be the link to the image, so hopefully that will work for you.


    also, gordon – a lovely boy from the magazine emailled me with some questions and i answered them, so i guess that’s an interview. then an even lovelier boy bought the magazine for me so i wouldn’t miss out on a copy due to my usual incompetence.

    as for the fame and faaaabulous parties, i sent ed from radiohead an invitation and the bastard is yet to respond!

  10. oh, the bit about ‘new material’ is the last bit of the article, in case anyone thought there was more. as i said, a wee article 🙂

    as for monkey’s comment, the boring quotes are entirely my fault, i mean i guess that’s how i answered the questions. hehe.

  11. Hurrah!

    Interview by e-mail, copy delivered by a fabulous boy – it’s fame without leaving the house!

    It could only be better if you did the e-mail interview in tracky-dacks and then jumped the delivery-guy’s bones …

    Sorry you’re feeling sick, but hope you’re using the chance to read gloriously junky stuff.

  12. cheers guys!

    doug – jeans… close enough. as for the other bit, when someone is sweet enough to fork out 99p for you, it’s only decent to reward them. hee.

  13. FYI: Due to some nasty, anonymous and downright scary harrassment I received yesterday re: my thoughts on women’s day (via my comments) I have temporarily shut down my blog…

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