Three for a Dollar

There's been some rainy mornings, where dog turds dissolve on the footpath and the traffic lights cast red green puddles on the street. All the mums and dads put plastic covers over the prams, so their babies look like those cellophane-wrapped baskets you win in raffles. Perhaps some day you'll stop outside a supermarket and buy a ticket from a blue-haired lady, "So what's the prize?". First prize Avon hamper, second prize meat tray, third prize six-month old Baby Chloe.

I finally scanned my photos from last year's T in the Park and can't stop gawking at the abundance of blue sky. Go forth and behold the wonder of drunken frisky Scots, Flaming Lips and the vague grainy likeness of Michael Stipe!

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12 thoughts on “Three for a Dollar

  1. Ah, the dog turds. As an Aussie who spent 15 months living in Edinburgh in ’95-6 I can SO remember the ubiquitous doggie do! Especially prevalent along the esplanade at Cramond beach – if you can call that a beach 😉

  2. Do you ever worry about those babies suffocating in there? Everytime I see that, I wince.

    At least we have some blue skies today! Of course, I say that now, and in 20 minutes it will start snowing again. I’ll never understand this country.

  3. Is there any way you can make the webpage links (of your commenters) open to a new window?

  4. Yes, yes, blue sky frenzy – I can see it out the window.

    Cue mouth foam, cue … running out into screaming East Anglia gale-force winds.

    Damn UK.

    Great photos though. Could not find your thumb for love nor money. Am I blind, or did you crop it some, you big tease.

  5. mike – i dunno why that happened all of a sudden. they always opened in a new window before. ever since i upgraded mt, i think, anyway i will fix it soon, but not just yet coz i have fucked up a lot of pages behind the scenes, so i can’t hit the Rebuild button until i fix them. hehe.

    ghani – indeed! blue skies ahoy. and daylight saving right around the corner.

    doug – i cropped it a bit. hehe.

    finelyspun – i bought it from about a year ago, i assume it’s still there

  6. Somehow I missed your brilliant entry last year on T in the Park, Shauners. I don’t know where the hell I was. Batman getting all nutty and fierce about his ears is wonderful.

    However, I think you should be running with the whole “Antipodean out of water” thing and out-whacking the locals in your own superheroine costume, my lovely.

    Photos are great. Flaming Lips Wayne programmed Rage last weekend. He has a lot to say and fine taste in music videos, if I do say so.

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