Wild and Woolly

Dunvegan, Isle of Skye
Dunvegan, Isle of Skye

Six days and 1000 miles later I’m more in love with Scotland than ever, but so bloody knackered. More news when The Mothership is back in orbit.

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14 thoughts on “Wild and Woolly

  1. I give up NOW that is the coolest piece of digital photography ever.

    Honestly, I’m ony my way to delete all trace of my existence from the blog-o-sphere.

    (Hmmmm …. commenting after a drinks function is boviously proving a poor idea.)

    Wait, the mothership is in orbit? Like visiting? I NEED stories, NOW! Pleeeeeeze?!

  2. Cloned sheep would be dead, I think.

    They look like Cheviots or Leicesters or something. Certainly not much like the Merinos or Corriedales we have around here.

  3. they are real sheep darnit! well i trod in their shite and it looked/smelled pretty real to me. arrgh!

  4. So now we can be warned. There is a bizarre army of possessed sheep on the march from the Scottish lowlands, shouldering rocket launchers and the black jelly beans of doom…

  5. Why do the sheep have bits of red on thier backs? Have the been marked by the butcher or something? Or are they punk rock sheep and trying to rebel but can’t because of the cloning?

  6. It’s to mark the ones who’ve been serviced by the male sheep (who are given a pink mark on their underbellies)

  7. 4. Cheviots, yes.

    7. HIGHlands! Och!

    8. Because an old-fashioned brand won’t show through all that wool. Other popular colours are green, blue, purple and orange.

    9. Nahh, they’re pre-dying them to make pink jumpers.

  8. Now I’ve been into your Historical Pussy (I don’t know why you’re not overwhelmed by spam, girl) and I take issue with the following:

    For the start there’s my crappy bathrobe. It’s very thick and pink. It was a size too big but it was on sale. [My italics]

    Hear that? On Sale! It’s in the genes I tell you.

  9. helen, after a year some of the words have rubbed off… pity it sounds so lame with an aussie accent!

    as for the bathrobe, i have become a total tightarse since moving here, i love a good sale 🙂

  10. Oh wow. You made it to Skye. I’m really happy. I’m a frequent lurker here; I currently (concentrate) live in Southampton, England, but I’ve lived in Edinburgh and on Skye.

    Wish I’d been at Dunvegan to buy you a pint at the Cellar Bar though.

    They have cool sheep across most of the highlands 🙂

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