I have to learn to be more aggressive. I booked 30 mins of internet time in this here Kirjakaapeli-Kabelboken Library thingy here in Helsinki, and just as I go to sit down this weirdo jumps in front of me and says he has to send an email and will NOT be moved and now I only have 18 minutes left and the library staff can't restart the clock. So this is it for a week or so.

Stockholm was rockin. The highlight for me was the Musik Museet, you get to play all these wacky instruments like hurdy gurdys and harps. And electronic drums, just like the 1980s. I felt like I was in Mike and the Mechanics or something.

Last night I turned into one of those obnoxious young things on a tour, just like I vowed never to be. We were on a big ol ship from Stockholm to Helsinki and I was off my face on wine and vodka and gin. After a drunken dinner I wandered up the promenade babbling away, somehow managing to lose everyone so spent the next hour going up and down elevators and getting rather worried and wandering into plants. Rhiannon finally rescued me. Next it was off to the karaoke bar and we did a cracking rendition of Dancing Queen. Nooo! Not karaoke! I don't want to be one of those silly young things on tour, WHAT HAVE I BECOME!!

I cannae find anything on this Finnish keyboard. Here have some squiggles ¤¤¤ÄÖÅ.

Best thing about these Scandinavian countries, they make you pay for plastic bags at the supermarket. They are not afraid to think about the future. Hurrah!

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14 thoughts on “Finlandia

  1. Bah! You’re too polite, you shoulda knocked him out of the way with a edifying swipe of your hangbag-doesn’t he know that swarms of your loyal fans are willing to tear him limb from limb in order to hear your stories?


  2. Ah, Miss Shauna, you’ve been away too long.

    We’ve not only got a higher tax for plakkie bags at the supermarket, but now most places are offering ‘green’ bags, which are reusable and made from old plastic bags. They’re nice and thick and sturdy – you just leave them in your car and grab them every time you go to the shops.

  3. How wonderful, Shauny! I’m a big fan of electronic drumkits. Are you going to Lapland to ride a sleigh and wear a hat with funny pom-poms on it? David Reyne did that once on Getaway (yes, I watch Getaway), and I’ve always wanted to do it!

  4. Ah, the mother country, Suomi. Two things a Finnish gal can recommend to you: go to the markets in Helsinki (by the harbour) and eat meat pies (lihapiirakkas – the ones that look like insanely large doughnuts) and drink lots of coffee whilst gorging yourself on Pulla at the Fazer coffee shop.

  5. Did you go to the Ikea Museum? Is there an Ikea Museum? I imagine it would be like the museum of erotica except you have to self-assemble.

  6. pshaw! Ikea is totally NOT Finnish – and the meat pies are totallynot what you think of when you think of meat pies…

  7. hello again everyone, i must say hi to saara coz she is right, the chocolate in finland is INCREDIBLE. i finished my stash yesterday and i am so sad. i need to find out where to get more. it is so so so very delicious!!! and how can you go wrong with a chocolate bar called I Love Chocolate ?

  8. Did you check out the jazz club in Helsinki? When we were there 18 years ago, they had a dixieland band–from Warsaw. They blew hot.

    Hope you picked up some cloudberry liqueur!



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