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It's Friday in St Petersburg, I think. It's all a blur. I've been bursting to go to Russia ever since we studied the revolutions in high school. It was one of those lofty dreams I had, so now I cannae believe I'm here, hen. Me the dork from Oz in Russia. HOLY CRAP!

We've seen the Hermitage, the Seige of Leningrad Memorial, a ballet, a bunch of crazy cossacks and many other places I can't remember the names of. I've eaten some of the dodgiest food ever and went down a dodgy alley to a black market shop. Best of all, we hung out with some lovely Russians in a bowling alley and talked about koalas and cars.

Best of all is the vodka. I'd never had a shot of vodka before, but I loved it. Ice cold liquid that makes your face crumple at first but then POW, the most gorgeous heat bursts inside your ribcage and burns right down to your toes.

I wish I had time to write emails but I have two minutes left, so hope you're all well. I miss you and you and you and most of all YOU. Tomorrow we head to Moscow. До свидания!

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9 thoughts on “From Russia With Blog

  1. Congrats on visiting Russia! I know that it is still somewhat exotic for the “westerners”.

    Glad u liked vodka. It IS the ultimate drink, a person may like or dislike whiskey or cognac or grappa, but vodka is universal.

    Try to see as much of Moscow as possible, and there is ALOT to see!

    Anyways, glad for you.

  2. Nice work.

    Play responsibily with the vodka (remember that there’s drunk, Oz drunk, and Yeltsin-level drunk), and snag us one of those Stalin babushka doll thingees.

  3. I studied Russian Revolutions, too! In year 12. We used to stage them in class …

    St Petersburg!!!! That’s fab, Shauny. I want to go there on my next big adventure, after Japan!

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