Lift Off!


I’m going on holidays for a wee while. I’ll pop in for brief bursts of drivel when possible. Meanwhile, everyone have a chat in the comments — tell me where you’re from and how life is treating you. Stay happy!

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46 thoughts on “Lift Off!

  1. I’ll start then… helloooo???

    Hmm, well I’m Gordon, I’m from Scotland, originally Dumbarton (near Loch Lomond) now I reside in Hamilton. Life is OK, same as everyone I guess. Struggling with debt but getting by (scraping?)… Hoping to get a holiday myself at some point… not sure when though.

  2. I’m Jen, I’m a Usonian. I live in Ohio (Columbus). I’m studying environmental engineering (restoration, etc). Life right now is treating me fairly well, though it’s exam week this week so I’ve been procrastinating a lot. In fact, I just got back from taking my first final.. on waste treatment, specifically aerobic and anaerobic digestion.. yum yum..

    I’m going on Holiday to New Zealand in two months (I used to live there for a while). Any Kiwi pussycat addicts out there?

  3. I’m from the north of Poland, where it is becoming a fine summer but most of the time I’m only watching it from behind sealed glass windows.

    It’s not how life is treating me, it is how I am treating life: poorly. But I promise to be kinder to life.

  4. Hi, I’m Agnes, originally from Hungary, now living in the Netherlands. As a father of a kid running around in the camping we went to last summer so graphically put, Life Is a Bitch.

    What’s Gagarin to do with your holidays? Going to Baikonur maybe?

  5. Hi, Um Im Andrew and I’m a blogaholic. Its my first time chatting ( actually thats not really true) and I talk to much.
    I read the comments here and am a big fan of the comments of Gordon and EeksyPeeksy.
    I’m on holiday at the moment so I’m writing a lot of blog crap and other stuff.
    I am as I type in the south of France aching all over from shovelling horseshit all day all day but thats another story.

  6. I’m Kim from South Carolina. We haven’t been hit with the full force of the Southern summer yet, but it’s coming. Hope to go to Chicago this fall with my wife. I hope some day to visit Scotland.

  7. Um, I’m Monkey and I’m slightly frightened at where these unattended comments might stray.

  8. I’m from Melbourne, Australia, and am doing pretty well, thank you. I can’t believe how diverse your readership is! I’m also very disappointed that we are going to be having a break without some type of guest bloggist, or even some type of automated blog entry. There will be no need to check this daily, now…

    Enjoy 🙂

  9. Hi! I am from Cambridge, Massachussets- USA. (right near that big H school that I try to pretend isn’t there…)

    I am glad that I am not shoveling horseshit all day but sitting in an office isn’t much better. 🙂 Well. maybe.

    My life? Let’s see: haircut ain’t bad…reading a good book…boyfriend made yummy dinner…looking forward to going to Prince Edward Island in Canada for vacation…friends and family all healthy and mostly happy… not bad, I guess! 🙂

    It’s cool to read these comments to see a glimpse into peoples’ lives all over the world. Sometimes it is hard to escape the “American bubble.” Thanks for letting me take a look outside for a while.

    See ya!

  10. Hi! I’m Farah and I’m from Singapore. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon your blog but I love it, love it, love it! 🙂

    Life is good, but work sucks. Wish I was on (perpetual) holiday. Enjoy yours! Or should I say, “hope you enjoyed yours”, since you probably won’t see this until you get back. Anyways… hello, other commenters! :p

  11. I’m from British Columbia, Canada, and life’s treating me fairly well. I’m a university student, currently on a working break as a systems analyst for a government branch here.

    I’m planning on moving to London, England next year to work towards my master’s degree in Something Useful, and possibly move on to attaining a PHD in World Domination.

  12. I’m [monztah] and I live on a tiny island outside the west coast of Norway. I’m spending most of my summer here, or visiting family in Gothenburg (Sweden) – and I’m really happy with that. I also like to tell that I appreciate your writing very much :-). Have a happy summer!!

    PS: I once went interrailing in Scotland, and spent a Mid Summers Night in Edinburgh – wonderful city!

  13. I’m from Israel, now living in Jerusalem with my beloved, where the grapevine on my balcony is speckled with grapes and the cherry tomatoes I planted a few months ago just toppled with the weight of green baby tomatoes.

    Last night a kitten mewed forlornly and kept us from sleeping. And yesterday, I discovered a yarn store in the market, a long and narrow space filled floor to ceiling with bright colorful goodness.

    Life is wonderful, except for the mosquitoes and politics. Hope your vacation was fun and can’t wait to hear about it!

  14. I’m an expat South African living in the UK and counting down the years till I can flee back to the Southern Hemisphere. Only two more years of my degree to go.

    Life is good, could do without being hideously broke though but looking forward to visiting NZ near the end of the year.

  15. I’m Brad, from Melbourne (ex Canberra) and I with Monkey…these comments could turn into some really bizzare confessional or something!!

    (Any bizarre or scandalous confessions out there? C’mon, you know you wanna share it with us…)

  16. I’m Heather, a Sydney girl stuck for 6 years now in the London life (I love it though!). Its 30 degrees C today and I am stuck in this stupid office watching the sun glinting of the river. I have clear view of a restuarant outside, their tables adorned with numerous wine bottles which is making me drool slightly onto my table.

    And for the guy who really wants a scandalous confessions – I went to the movies last night (Harry Potter) and I thought I could sneak a fart out half way through but it turned out unexpectedly loud and quite a few heads were turned. Ahhh – I am SUCH a lady!!!

  17. Hi, I’m Melissa and I live in Connecticut, USA. I really enjoy reading your blog and hearing about life in Scotland. Someday I hope to make it to the UK for a visit. I work for a men’s apparel designer, but would rather be doing something else. I have a new boyfriend and life is good! Thanks for all the great stories of your adventures in Scotland…you’re a great writer, too. Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

  18. Hello. I am sitting at my desk at work eating peanuts and wishing that I had brought my fleece jacket to work. The weather in Philadelpha, PA will be hot and humid today which is why they have the a/c temp on the ‘freeze our butts off’ setting. Time surely has slowed down because I can’t believe that it isn’t lunch hour yet. It must be Venus passing in front of the sun that did it.

    I’m an office worker and a full time mom and like most others my dream is to find a way to get rich quick and stop working.

    Your blog brings me joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  19. Hi there,

    My name’s Slackjaw but all my friends call me Slack. I live in a trailer park in rainy Tacoma Washington.

    Tacoma, for you fer-i-ners, is the City Of Destiny and the most beautiful place on earth all wraped up like a present under the Northwest corner of the glittery christmas tree lovingly known as “the U. S. of A.”

    Life treats me no kinder or meaner than anyone else I figure. Sometimes, when I’m feeling giddy, I think it cares about me, but deep down I know that’s really not true. Life acctually, has little to do with me for the most part. Although thankfully, it let’s me tag along and eat the scraps.

    Both “being happy” and just “happy” are relitivly easy, “staying happy” however, I’ve found to be nearly impossible.

    Your site usually helps though…

  20. G’day, I’m Zundie. I like Shauna, am an Aussie; a Sydneysider to be more specific. Currently occupying my mind with fantasies about what I’m going to do when my redundancy comes into effect next week, as well as maintaining an incredibly unpopular and unsuccessful blog; nearly two months in and not a single comment! I figure leaving sob stories like this on more popular blogs might drum up a bit of traffic. Fingers crossed.


  21. Hey I’m Shevon and I’m from Modesto California. I am moving to San Diego after I marry my darling navy man Ty. Life is grand right now, the wedding plans are going well, I work in a photography studio, and I am extremely happy. I just visited your site for the first time today and I like it very much.

  22. I’m from sunny Brisbane, Australia, and i’ve been reading on-and-off for ages.

    This is my last year of uni and net year i’m heading off to the UK to teach, so i’ve been reading more closely lately! Which brings me to ask – has anyone been to Great Yarmouth, England?

    Have a happy holiday.

  23. bushra, from birmingham, england, and so on.

    ‘s funny, i was thinking about how life is yesterday, and i thought about how crap this year has been as i become more and more accident prone. but the best thing that has happened and beats the bad stuff hands down is meeting niece #4, born in january.

  24. Hi, I’m Clare, from Sydney, Australia. Hope you’re having a nice holiday.

    This is my first post here, but I’ve been enthralled by your wee blog for a while.

    My father is from Partick (sp?) in Glasgow and I’ve been to Scotland once so its nice to read about and recognise the places that you visit.

  25. I’m a middle aged mum from Sydney who’s just started getting into reading blogs. It’s a real treat to find one that’s as well-written as yours.
    Have a great holiday!

  26. I’m Australian (Geelong) and I just arrived back in the UK after recovering from a nasty broken leg courtesy of a speeding motorcycle in Greece.

    During my mindnumbingly boring 8 month recovery period I decided that I would return to the UK and continue my working-holiday visa. But this time I would try my luck in Edinburgh. When I told my friend she sent me your blog address. I’ve been addicted ever since.

    Thanks for helping to fill in my time and Happy 4th Blogday!

  27. Well, I’m an Aussie too, but I have dual citizenship with the UK (courtesy of my English-born father) so I’m currently holed up in London, where I’ve been living since 1998. I share a “shoebox in the sky” (ie. VERY small apartment) with my Irish boyfriend just down the road from the Queen’s Club, where the Stella Artois tennis champs are being held (the crowds are driving me crazy!)

    I’m a journalist who is pretending to know a lot about horses in my current role as deputy editor on an equestrian title. But I wouldn’t swap the experience for the world.

    Life is good – even if there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do!

  28. Hey, I’m an Aussie too, from Canberra, currently procrastinating from getting back to work and hoping my boss doesn’t walk in any second. I’ve been lurking on this blog for ages, I think it’s great! Life? It’s raining, and I work in agricultural research, so I am doing the “yay it’s raining all the farmers can sow!” dance. Life also involves heading off on a working holiday to Canada in a few months, so can’t complain about that.

  29. My name’s Denny and I’m a Tasmanian. Good to see there’s other middle aged Mums reading Shauny’s Blog. I have the whole “2 under 2” thing happening and I’m currently on maternity leave though I return to work next week. Right now I’m procrastinating about cleaning the baby vomit up from under the Jolly Jumper.

    Who else just had to find out if Shauny’s plant really had it’s own blog?

  30. I’m a Tennessean living in Edinburgh , finishing up a Master’s in CompSci. I should be working on my dissertation right now, but more pleasant things are promised for the rest of the day, and so I can’t really be arsed thinking about XML.

    If you’re looking for something scandalous, my evening plans involve candles, champagne, chocolate body paint, a red nightie, and a “The Mood” playlist in iTunes. Sadly, I have no Barry White songs, so it could all go horribly wrong.

  31. I’m Croila, from Inverness-shire originally, living in Edinburgh now, and wanting to go to Iceland, Australia, Norway, Canada, Russia … Anywhere. Everywhere. Well. Maybe next year. Or when I win the lottery, more like!

    Great to read about how a “foreigner” sees the city I’ve lived in for over ten years now.

    I hope you’re not sitting back and letting life treat you as it will, but like me getting up and forcing life to smile on you, and it kicking it’s ass back! 🙂

  32. Hello! I’m a fellow Edinburgh citizen like yourself! I’m 1/2 Dutch-1/2 British, and a student at Edinburgh Uni.

    How’s life treating me? Well, I’ve just finished my last exam and am quite pissed at the mo… :oD

  33. I’m Simon, and I’m an Englishman living in Cardiff, Wales. Summer has finally kicked in here, which makes being stuck indoors at work dealing with exam season even more testing.

    I’m hideously parochial in my travelling habits (Amsterdam is the furthest I’ve managed in the last 15 years) so I’m very excited about attempting to do Land’s End to John O Groats on the bike in September.

    I have not been into outer space.

  34. Hi Shauna and others – first: I love the pussycat blog. So often you remind me of me, but with way more funny bits! Second: I am Canadian, living in Ontario and will be travelling in a few months to South Africa. Any South Africans or visitors thereto, in addition to Meg above, who want to give some free advice? I am in the market for recommendations on places to visit, or stay away from, things to do, etc.

  35. you’re all legends! keep it coming! and thank you so much to the plant waterer! the plant is named duncan and he was my valentineøs present so i love him very much and he is a very cute wee plantie. thanks!

  36. Virgin Pussycat commenter and globetrotting Sydney boy, currently dodging sheep on English country lanes a few hours south of Shauny.

    I once tried to pick up this bird in real estate, but some poncy upstart prince stole my thunder. Wonder if she realises what she’s missing? Have an extra Danish for me, Shauny. And hurry back soon. We’re missing you almost as much as Duncan.

  37. Hello to all out there: I’m relatively new to checking out various blogs around the world-yours is lively and I enjoy the news of Scotland having been there many moons ago.
    I’m a middle-aged woman from Australia, travelled quite a bit before mothering rather later than some. Hope all you young ones get the most out of your travels, and living and learning in other countries. Also can all of you Americans seriously consider registering and voting this year preferably voting Bush out!!! Sorry: at least I haven’t mentioned sex or religion.

  38. I’m from sunny canberra – Australia. I’m finally sitting down after spending all day raking leaves and coring the lawn – which is pretty much dead from the drought. And I’ve just taken my dogs for a walk up Mt Majura and tried to stop them eating too much kangaroo poo.

  39. Hi Jen,
    yep, I’m a kiwi wnp fan. I left NZ about 5 yrs ago to work for a construction company, lived in Oz for a few years and am now in Bahrain. Another 6 months then I think I’ll be moving to northern UK. Enjoy your holiday and have some L&P for me.

    I love this blog and am almost inspired to keep an old fashioned diary, but then it would only be the dust particles under the bed and my mother when she visited, reading it.

  40. Hi I’m an Icelandic medical student, studying in Debrecen, Hungary. Once I finish these exams I’m going that little rock in the north atlantic ocean to earn next semesters tuition fee. And of course be off my titson every possible occasion. I’ll be working in autopsies but climing some mountains in my sparetime. In january I’m going to Adis Ababa volunteering in Aira hospital for a month. All I need is challanging seduction in my life and I’d say it’s perfect. Hope you have a good vacation. Your’e not traveling in one of those red english buses are you?

  41. Ohh and I read youre blog all the time I think it’s the dogs bollocks. But can some of you aussies maybe tell me what would be a good place to specialize down under? Hospital I mean.

  42. Hi, I’m Teresa from Alabama – US. I’m living at school in the dorms, contemplating going to grad school to be an accountant. Being a kid. I just discovered this blog, and I LOVE it!

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