Where do we go from here? Russia was the #1 place on my list of Things To Do Before I Cark It. What to do now? It’s the most crazy scary beautiful wonderful place I’ve ever been and I go from being completely overwhelmed to just grinning grinning grinning.

I am getting better at reading Cyrillic. I decided to learn the Russian alphabet to pass the time at work, it really pays off when trying to navigate the bloody Metro. Except I stand there gawking up at the signs, lips moving very slooowly trying to sound out the words. I stuffed up in McDonalds today. I wanted a Quarter Pounder but could only make out the word CHEESEBURGER and it wasn’t until the teenager behind the counter yelled at me that I realised that the word was ROYAL. I should have remembered that scene from Pulp Fiction.

Bloody hell kids, the things we’ve seen. The Kremlin, museums, gorgeous shops, more vodka, and Lenin. I’ve been wanting to see the dude in his tomb for so long and now I’ve done it. Now I can finally shut up about it! Bloody hell. I am so overwhelmed. I am going to bore you with stupid Russia stories for months and months when I get home. I am so overwhelmed I could just shed a wee tear right here…. oooo.

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10 thoughts on “Moscow

  1. Greatest country in the world, I’m glad you like it. Don’t forget your stories! – we’ll be waiting.

  2. Funny, Russia’s on my Before-I-Cark list too! Let’s hope I live for a long time, mind you, because I cannae see myself getting there any time soon! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures there though 🙂

  3. Bring the stories!

    Oh, and: “sometimes you just want something familiar and easy” — reminds me of Ex Sex. Would be nice right about now, actually.

  4. Oh, eating McDevil’s food o/s is perfectly normal, at least in my book (since McDonalds of the World is my own culinary adventure. “Oooh! Instead of a a McOz they have a McIsthmus of Kra”).

    I can’t wait to hear more of these stories, Shauna! But, the big question, does Lenin look “life-like” dead or Mrs-Bates-in-Psycho shrivelled-prune dead?

  5. But the Maccas in Red Square is a historical site…isn’t it?

    But don’t eat that stuff Shauny…It’ll kill ya.

    And I’m impressed you learned to read Cyrillic.

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