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Maybe I didn't put enough words in the last entry, there was some confusion in the comments. I was just trying to say that the best souvenirs are most often tiny, everyday things that don't come from tourist shops. A crumpled Irn-Bru can feels more authentic to me than a toy Loch Ness Monster from the Royal Mile. The purchase of a plastic viking hat could not compare to the pathetic thrill of tearing a page from a phone book.

Check out the goodies that came back from the Romanian business trip! It's an election year so Bucharest was slathered in campaign posters…

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Including this sexy beast, Daniel, he of the eyebrow scar and meaty fist. Does anyone in the house speak Romanian? From what I can gather, he's running for election in Sector 5.

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And here Daniel's saying to the voters, Calm down, kids. Vote for me and I'll get everything under control. I own not one but two suits. Or maybe he's saying, I've wanted to be Mayor since I was this big.

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Vote for Daniel. He's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get down to the dirty business of politics.

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And if you're still not convinced, why not vote for him on the grounds he's thoughtfully provided you with a Euro 2004 draw on the back of his flyer.

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Now that's my idea of a quality souvenir.

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7 thoughts on “Sectorului 5

  1. Shauny, on your return to Canberra, you can purchase Irn-Bru from a confectionary shop in Federation Square out Gungahlin way.

    As one who was weened on this substance as a small child in Scotland, I’ve developed an eye for finding where to purchase it (as a treat, because its so damn expensive) in Australia.

    I just found some yesterday in Melbourne priced at – OMG – $5.90 for a 750ml bottle. I’m ashamed to say I paid it. I’m very weak.

  2. Hey I got it. And those souvenirs rock.

    I must confess to having not only campaign posters myself (Zedillo, Mexico, ’96) but let’s just say I’ve had to wear big coats and even flee while collecting some recent ‘souvenirs.’

    (Thanks, by the way. I think I finally learned how to spell souvenir due to you. At least for now.)

  3. Nahh, they’re dance moves. And point, and swish, and roll, and point… He’s doing the electoral hustle!

  4. My Romanian’s a little rusty but here goes…

    The first lines are

    1st poster: “I say it like it is”

    2nd poster: “For our children”

    3rd poster: “I fight for you”

    The recurring motto is something like “with equal courage!” or “with that sort of ardor!” or something of the kind, I guess it’s a phrase I’m not aware of.

    The bottom line says “mayor/governor of sector 5”.

    I feel so useful now.

  5. can u please tell me where u get irn bru in melbourne? i dont care about the price…..i need some soon, ive been here 9 months and i really really need some. thanks!


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