Souvenirs of Iceland

(for those too cheap to buy proper souvenirs of Iceland)

1. Icelandic chocolate wrapper

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2. Icelandic supermarket bag (1 of 6)

image from

3. The Bjork page from the phone book, liberated from Reykjavik Youth Hostel.

image from
(Who cares if she actually lives in Njörk?)

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17 thoughts on “Souvenirs of Iceland

  1. i went to iceland 9 months ago and still haven’t got around to writing about the rest of the trip… d’oh

  2. Does that pig have a slot in its back?

    (Taking a photo of all the Bjorks in the phone book… inspired! But I would’ve gone looking for “Bjorn” instead, for some reason…)

  3. mark – i think she took more than just a photo of the Bjorks…’liberated from Reykjavik Youth Hostel’….

    observation: it’s hard to type Reykjavik, even though it’s actually pretty self explanatory how to spell it…well, apart from that silent ‘j’ in the middle.

  4. i look at that pig, and he says to me “Ooh! Buy me and get zie bónus ! Teh ham bónus!”

    and it scares me.

  5. Images like these fill me with national pride. I never knew the Bónus-pig meant so much to me.

  6. funny, i never realized the Bónus pig was creepy. did a double take though when i saw these pics, “huh, what’s a picture of Nizza doing there???”

  7. but what was in the shopping bags?
    Probably doesn’t matter now after nine long months, but still it is just pure evil to tell half of a story & then leave us hanging. Evil.

    Hang on. There is NO story! Just a picture.
    Double evil.

  8. I like that the Icelanic for email address appears to be ‘Netfang’ – that sounds *so* much better 🙂

  9. Those are the BEST souvenirs…I mean, anyone can buy souvenirs. That’s what I do–bring wrappers home. However, the Bjork page is pure genius.

  10. Haha! I am laughing at the little side text you have to the person who is writing those words in your search box. Evidently there is some detective work going on there, Shauners! Is she rooting? Does she have a boyfriend?


  11. No full story but the self-help souvenirs persist.

    I seem to recall your trip to Iceland better than some of my own holidays: waterfowl photos and a museum of the phallus (closed), I believe.

    Yup, that is more than I remember of most of my own holidays.

    Nice work!

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