Feeling a little overwhelmed by life right now. As of Tuesday there’s only 8 months til I get evicted from Britain. Allow me to channel that insufferable angstpot Avril Lavigne and ask, why does everything have to be so complicated?

There’s so much I haven’t written about. Like the rest of our Iceland trip, now eleven months ago. Or the rest of our Adventures with Mothership. Then there’s 21 days of Russia and Scandinavia. I’m worried all the memories will just fall out of my head.

This photo was taken in a dingy restaurant in Moscow. A lovely sweet girl on our tour got lost in the Metro for three hours, and finally in desperation she penned this sign and held it up. Classic stuff.


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10 thoughts on “Lost

  1. 8 more months in Europe huh? Praps you should think of a trip to post olympics athens? I know there is someone here that at least cook for you ;o)

  2. Been to Holland? Hurry! No, wait, panic is bad for your health, so let’s think calmly. Er…
    You could try getting a working visa to another country, get married, buy a false passport, blackmail parliament to pass a special law, sorry, I’m getting sidetracked.

    Whatever. If you keep writing.

  3. Damn, being evicted is bad, but from a country? I’d say you were worried. Get out and see the rest of the world before it’s too late… oh, and if you make it over to canada, let me know, we’ll show you around our little part of the world.

  4. I was in SCOTLAND? With YOU? My god, I’d completely forgotten.

    Winkey smiley goes here. Just can’t bring myself to type it, is all.

    You’d better write these things down, Miss Shauners. Pad them out later for bloggy goodness, but write them down quickly, lest you forget. (the horror!)

  5. Well, you’re not quite as lost as that girl looking for Red Square!

    And hey, look on the positive side, at least you have a deadline to work to. You could be like me, living here in London for 6 years, and with no immediate plans to travel anywhere because I keep thinking “I’ll do that next year” . . .

  6. yes the sign worked, she managed to get out alive and was kind enough to allow me to take a photo of the sign!

    kimbofo – i would much rather have the six years and have the freedom of choice 🙂

    and yep, there’s a bazillion other countries to choose from. there’s working holidays visas available in canada, ireland, france, italy, norway, sweden, denmark, finland and germany, but scotland is where i want to stay and that’s the whole problem/lost feeling… ramble ramble… blah blah… i always regret posting these kind of posts…

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