Tongue II

tee hee

Can't get enough Tongue? Check out this here photo gallery of our northern jaunt. Next week I'll start crapping on about Russia.

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9 thoughts on “Tongue II

  1. damn! no, I can’t get enough of tounge!

    your blog is my latest obsession, i’m just mad at myself for not realizing what a good read it was ages ago!

  2. cheers sara, yer very kind 🙂

    it’s saturday arvo and i’m at work, checking out the pics on a PC. arrgh, they look way too dark. everything looks bright on my iBook but then shite on here. will lighten them up this evening!

  3. [Re-examines previous comment under microscope:] Hmm, that came out completely wrong, didn’t it. delete delete delete delete oh crap.

  4. The “falling babies may cause sparks” comment made me laugh.

    I’m jealous, I want to travel about Scotland!

  5. oh, you make me homesick! but then the photos of people wearing parkas at the height of the scottish summer remind me why i wanted out :o)

  6. Shauny!
    Keep writing!
    I’m up to November 2001 and I’m hyperventilating at the thought that All This Must End!
    Quick, write more!

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