We saw some strangely named places up the top of Scotland. There was Doll, Brawl and Ham. But my favourite was the thriving metropolis of Tongue.

Tongue really takes your breath away. The inky sea mellows into sapphire then powdery blue like a Dulux paint swatch; all bordered by gorgeous beaches, pale and honey gold.

I was so excited to be in a town called Tongue that I neglected to take any photos of the actual scenery. Instead I concentrated my efforts on signage and sniggering like a ten-year-old.

tunga! it's gaelic for tongue!

this way to tongue toon


restricted access

who could resist?

well don't well all.

Anything after Tongue would have been an anti-climax, so we headed home after that. We passed more Germans in caravans. They even have the Please Don't Mow Down The Sheep signs in Deutsch.


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20 thoughts on “Tongue!

  1. I’m flattered. Thanks!

    (OK, so you were gonna post it anyway but thanks for at least pretending I prompted you.. 😉

  2. I love the highlands and islands, great places. When I lived in German (no, I don’t own a caravan) our local petrol station was in Wankem. 😉

  3. If there’s been a more salacious-sounding line written on any blog, anywhere in the world, ever, than “Anything after Tongue would have been an anti-climax” then I don’t know what it is, by gum.


  4. The “Tunga” under the first Tongue picture incidentally means “tongue” in Swedish as well.

    Just call me Mr. Smarty Pants. (But preferably in Swedish. )

  5. Hmmm… I wonder what kind of authorization the authorized persons need to gain entry into the Tongue Depot?

  6. That ‘I heart tongue’ thing is just fabulous. I think I’ll stick it on a t-shirt.

  7. I once drove along way to visit ‘banana’ in QLD. Not much there though..the only postcard was of the greyhound bus leaving town…
    still keep meaning to visit woodenbong in NSW too

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