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You’re no longer a stranger in a strange land when the local numbers start to feel natural.

When it makes sense that postcodes consist of numbers and letters, not four digits.

When you’ve forgotten your Tax File Number but can rattle off your National Insurance by heart.

When your fingers stray to 077-something something when dialling a mobile, not 04-something something.

When you wouldn’t dream of dialling 000 in an emergency.. call 999, the chip pan is on fire!

Freephone is 0800, coz 1800 just sounds stupid now.

And if you wanted a dirty phone call you’d call me NOW on 0909, not 00555… big boy.

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One thought on “Call Me

  1. Mercifully brief, la la laaaa!
    There once was a brief called mercifully
    Who cackled haunch-down undeniably

    la la la laaa la la laaaa

    and then did some stuff with a thing.

    Hope your still having fun over there in Scotland shauny baby!
    Must be some interesting SMOCKS over there, eh? eh!?

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