More Than Ladas

New photo gallery up today:  Cars of Russia.

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18 thoughts on “More Than Ladas

  1. I **LOVE** this lead pic!

    And who would have thought pics of beaten up rust buckets masquerading as cars in Russia could be so fascinating . . . !

  2. You’re such a good photographer, Miss Shauny. Such colours, and some lovely people shots. …and those funny little cars! What’s WITH that?

  3. i surfed in one day after hitting random melbourne blogs, then following links, and i can’t seem to leave! i love that you love russia and lenin, and i adore your olympics blog. awesome.

  4. I am wishing that you could find that couple to give them that picture- ridiculous, I know!

    I also love the one of the older woman with the car in the background….

  5. This set both delights and perplexes me.

    For a minute I thought the old lady in #7 was a road worker in some bizarre Russian road worker uniform consisting of bright orange splotches.

  6. #4 is the Pillsbury Cry Baby, with bright orange tears and all!! Great pictures, and I’m glad you’ve been having a grand adventure!

  7. Graham, if ever there were to be a uniform for bizarre Russian road-workers, that would be the perfect design.

  8. The Astoria! I went in there with my friend to find the ballroom where Hitler was to have his Victory over Russia celebration. Instead we were invited to buy a cup of coffee and a cake for US$17. Now I wish Hitler had won the war.

  9. ahhh takes me back to my visit to east Germany before the wall came down

    how many people does it take to make a Trabbi?

    2 … one to fold and one to glue

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