Forget the Brandenburg Gate, the Wall or the big sausages. The most spectacular moment of my Berlin jaunt was seeing That Hotel Where Michael Jackson Dangled His Baby.


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12 thoughts on “Thriller

  1. Fantastic!

    When I went to Berlin all I wanted to do was see “Zoo Station” mainly because I’m a mad, nutty U2 freak.

    So much for all the really important history stuff, huh?

  2. Just like every person from Britain I’ve ever met had to make the pilgramage to Summer Bay (which I know isn’t real but I can’t remember the place’s real name) and/or Ramsey Street.

  3. Hey, how come the news pictures didn’t show that it was a balcony hanging not miles above the earth but just ten feet or so above a wide ledge. Not that ten feet isn’t enough to do the job, but it’s not like Prince Albert in a Can (or whatever his name is) was hanging off the top of the Eiffel Tower. Holding a kid at arm’s length while standing on the ground would be almost as dangerous. Why, in my day we…

    Cranky Old Man

  4. heehee. you are a true cultural connessieur after my own heart, shauny baby. if only i could figure out how to spell it.

  5. Sadly, even without the caption I probably would have recognized the location.

    I don’t even seek this stuff out. The amount of space all-things-Michael takes up in my brain is nothing short of a tragedy.

  6. The weird and the bizarre, Berlin has it all… now, did you tour some of the er, less delicate nightclubs when there? Hmm…

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