It Began In Latvia

The currency of Latvia is called the Lat. By this logic the currency of Australia should be the Oz, the currency of Britain the Brit. It is interesting to have all these wacky currencies in the world, for example Yen and Danish Kroner have holes in the middle thus make sexy necklaces, but sometimes I think it would be easier if the world just had one currency. The Worldo.

Why go to Latvia? This was what everyone at work said when I asked for yet more time off. But why not? Jane and Rory once bought a bottle of Merlot from Uruguay that was called ‘Why Try Uruguay?’. Well, because it’s there, I guess. That is why we are trying the Baltic states, that little clutch of countries nestled between Poland, Belarus and Russia. Oh, also to see them before the Easyjet flights begin and they are overrun by drunken Brits on stag nights.

So we flew out from Edinburgh last Tuesday, connected in Prague and picked up dozens of people who were not acquainted with deodorants. The guy beside me was so tired he kept slumping over his dinner tray, unfortunate for me coz his folded arms allowed the stink waves to escape.

We arrived in Riga and it was as mishmash of beautifully crumbly and shiny new buildings. After a wee wander and night in a mosquito infested hostel, we caught a bus to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

We have had a brilliant six days here, thanks mostly to the lovely Kristi, a rockin’ Estonian chick I met on this here internet. She has shown us around the countryside and been so helpful and generous. It is such a contrast to the relentless pace of our Contiki tour of Russia, this time I feel like I am getting to know the place a wee bit better and feel much more relaxed.

I have been pretty rotten with flu, however. My stupid body decides to get crook as soon as I finally stop working all the bloody time. It was fun in the Estonian Chemist trying to buy cough medicine. The bottle offered Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian translations. Arrgh! I ended up choosing ‘Broncho’. It will either help my chesty cough or make me whinny and jump fences. Either outcome sounds equally exciting.

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9 thoughts on “It Began In Latvia

  1. Ouch, I hope you’re all decongested before you have to hop on another plane. Can’t wait to see the crumbly photos!

  2. OR put hair on your chest.

    Is the visit btw all over, or you’re writing from the Baltic?

    We need to know what you’ve seen!

  3. envy doesn’t begin to describe it! we’ve been putting off the baltic because it takes more time and its the one thing we never seem to have………..hope you’re having a wonderful trip!

  4. noooo i am still on the trip! in vilnius now, the capital of lithuania. i was going to post an entry but we are too stressed out wondering whether to stay in the hotel with holes in the wall or just put up with it. and i miss my scottish companion. but we went to the KGB museum this morning, it was scary as fuck, but a very worthwhile experience. hello to everyone. hello! helloooooo! 🙂

  5. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the Estonian part of the trip. I hope Lithuania will be great for you as well – despite the hotel.

    Good luck! And hopefully I’ll see you again in the UK.

    P.S. It started raining here half an hour after your plane took off. A suggestion for everyone – if you want to have good weather you must have Shauna and Rhiannon nearby!

  6. well, i bet by now ur trip to Baltics has come to an end. as all good things do, sooner or later.

    i am curious to read about all the great stuff u discovered both in Ltihuania and in Latvia. I have been living in Latvia for about 2 years. Unfortunately, the country was presented to me by the llocal ppl.

    From past experiences in other parts of the world, there is nothing more exciting for then being introduced firstly to a new country and culture by a foreigner. Who will point out a lot of things locals would take for granted. Anmd put a fresh perspective on things.

    Hopefully u will bring that freshness for me, since I am planning soon a long week end in Lithuania as well.

    cheers & (latvian) beers!

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