Neither Vile Nor Villainous

Here we are in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Lithuania is one of those countries that comes under the heading of Things Shauna Has Obsessed About, alongside Lenin, Alex Popov, Ed from Radiohead, Green & Blacks chocolate and MotoGP. But this is a particularly sad bastard of an obsession because the obsession was sparked by a story on Channel Nine’s Getaway show in 2001 and I vowed afterward that I would go there someday.

So here we are. Thank you David Reyne.

We went to the KGB Museum this morning, which was terrifying. Rhiannon found two pairs of very sexy shoes for a bargain price which has sent me into my usual I’m An Ugly Lumberjack mood because my honking huge feet will never fit into anything so dainty.

UPDATE:  I just re-read that last paragraph and realises it sort of sounds like Rhiannon bought her shoes at the KGB Museum. She did not.


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8 thoughts on “Neither Vile Nor Villainous

  1. Having big feet sucks in this footish world. You would think people would make bigger shoes cos most people I know seem to be size 10+ and whinging about not being able to buy shoes.

  2. I say hah to all of you. Size 12 eee. See how many pairs of shoes you can find to fit flippers and at what cost.
    Thing I most like about Vilnius. Cheap 1950’s watches and what effectively appears to be pop art propaganda.

  3. My entire knowledge of Lithuania is from Jonathon Franzen’s “The Corrections”, where he uses it as basically a fictional setting and describes a post-communist ganter-ruled dystopia I’m pretty sure didn’t happen …

    … and a huge industry in sand and gravel which may actually exist.

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