Take Him Out

Scotland's Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport sure is down with the groovy kids. Frank McAveety popped out a press statement after Glasgow's pride and joy Franz Ferdinand won the Mercury Music Prize last week:

"I am delighted that Frank Ferdinand has won the prestigious Mercury Music Prize"

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3 thoughts on “Take Him Out

  1. Hello Shauny … I am still alive. And still reading your blog … 🙂

    It all seems like so long ago … OD and all that. I still have my Open Diary going … it’s been 4 and a half years.

    Hope you are well.

  2. Heehee!

    Shauny-girl, have you seen Franz yet? I love them so. I missed out on seeing theem in Melbs as they came a month after I left, but now they will be in Japan in November and I missed out on tix. So sad.

    Anyway, hello girlie! I get internet access on Wednesday, so shall be able to do some catching up – right now I am huddled on the floor in our kitchen pilfering someone elses wireless connection.

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