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Lithuania celebrates joining the EU - Vilnius, 7 September 2004
Lithuania celebrates joining the EU – Vilnius, 7 September 2004

I’d decided that tonight I would get cracking with the ridiculous backlog of writing and photos I’m busting to post. This all changed when Rhi announced, “Property Ladder is back on tonight!”

“Ooh! I love The Ladder!” I cancelled all plans.

Within five minutes I remembered that I HATE THE LADDER. The series follows first-time property developers as they chuck in their jobs and take sledgehammers to walls without consulting architects or checking for damp in an attempt to make a palace out of a pile of shite. The problem is, they’re usually idiots. Where do they find these idiots? I’m guessing an advert in News Of The World, WANTED: IDIOTS.

Tonight’s infuriating episode featured sisters Tanya and Natalie who took a beautifully classic Art Deco house and managed make it look like P&O cruise ship meets eccentric colourblind auntie with cats. They budgeted £60,000 and ended up spending £259,000. As the show went to air it still had not sold.

My throat still aches from all that screaming at the telly. You. Fucking. IDIOTS! I hope you go bankrupt! I hate this show! I hate this show! Why didn’t you remind me I hate this show!?

Half an hour later after it was all over and we were well absorbed with last night’s episode of Six Feet Under, Rhi muttered with disgust, “I can’t believe what they did to that house”.

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9 thoughts on “The Ladder

  1. Hi Shauny,

    I’m not sure if you remember me, I used to be ‘wanton wench’ at Open Diary. I’ve been directed to your blog by a mutual friend. I’m really enjoying your humour and adventures, and come here for my daily fix of them, so keep writing!


  2. Hey, I watched that episode too. The expletives coming out of my other half’s mouth don’t bear repeating here, but let’s just say you weren’t the only one screaming abuse at the telly last night Shauny. Personally I think what those dim-witted sisters did to that INCREDIBLE art-deco house was a complete and utter travesty. But that’s why I love watching that show! 😉

  3. We have a crop of Idiots grown specially for these types of program that air regularly here too. You should check those hidden pastures, I’m sure you’ll find fields of idiots among the corn. 😉

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