31 Alicante

Thanks to the groovers who said happy birthday for yesterday! The day started with me gulping down orange juice so violently fresh my face screwed up like a cats' arse. After nineteen months of Made From Concentrate Imported From Chile horridness, it was a true shock to the system to taste the real thing. I choked and spluttered like my first vodka shot back in Russia.

The day ended near midnight with us wandering around Alicante looking for our hotel. Clever Shauna had scrawled down "Eurohotel" and "31" but neglected to write a street name.

After an hour of swearing and searching for the mysterious 31 Alicante, I reluctantly called Rhiannon and confessed soy un idiota and she looked it up on the internet.

I called her when we got back to Edinburgh today, "We're home!".

"Oh very good. Do you know where that is?"

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On the first night we lazed in the hotel, watched Face/Off in Spanish and scoffed olives out of a jar, pouring them into an ashtray once it became too hard to get our hands in. Classy!

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12 thoughts on “31 Alicante

  1. Just so long as it was a pristine ashtray, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Just making the best of available resources…

    Good to see Rhi is on form. My sister says things like that to me all the time (and my brother does too. Usually with accompanying facial expression of world-weary tolerance for the family space cadet…)

    And happy birthday, of course.

  2. Is that bite comment a sly reference to an episode of Star Trek?

    And here is a *really* old reference — in the mid-50s, Lammot DuPont, one of the sons of the great DuPont fortune, but regarded as not too bright, was to meet a customer in a given city. He went to the city but forgot the name of the customer. He telegraphed home with this question: Require name customer meeting. And got this answer: Name customer Brighton Steel. Your Name Lammot DuPont.

  3. bill, i have never watched an episode of star trek in any of my 27 years…

    btw hello americans, my condolences…

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Shauny.

    thanks for the condolences…we need them. Especially here in San Francisco 🙁

  5. Ohhhh, Shauny, how could I forget, your birthday too! I hope it was lovely.

    Re the nips, perhaps a tee with “we’re climate sensitive” will deter people from filthy rotten thoughts.

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