Asleep On The Job

They say it is bad luck if a black cat crosses your path. They also say good things happen in threes. So what does it mean if three black cats cross your path? This happened to me today. I am just sitting here, waiting for the piano to drop on my head.

As with the last year the change of season has left me bewildered and slothlike, but I will finish one of my stinking unfinished entries soon, regardless of the level of stink. Do you ever wish you were a bear? Hibernation really appeals.

At the Kremlin, Moscow

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13 thoughts on “Asleep On The Job

  1. “Do you ever wish you were a bear?”
    Yeah – just about every year do I wish I was a bear. To go to sleep in november and wake up in march. Wonderful.

  2. In response to an hysterical email I sent Miss Shauny asking what awful things had happened:

    >> i am at work and i can’t comment on my blog, but if you see this email before i get a chance to comment, could you comment that i was speaking literally about the cats and i am actually fine 🙂

    Sheesh, you lot. Calm yourselves. She’s fine.

  3. quote “Drop everything and head south for the cold half of the year, then head north again for the warm half.”

    ….there is no warm half. Just kinda tepid.

  4. Shauny, you should try giving up the “Save draft” thing. I dare you to write something, quickly check for spelling errors, then post or “Publish” or whatever MT calls it straight away!

    It’s a thrill. It’s like going commando but nerdier.

  5. Did you know that in the UK and Ireland it is actually GOOD luck to see a black cat cross your path? It is BAD luck to see a white cat. I only recently found this out . . .

  6. It is definitely supposed to be good luck to see a black cat here – never heard of white cats being bad luck. A white cat walks across our garden most nights and no disasters have occurred.

    History seems to be silent on the effect of black-and-white cats.

    I would rather be a squirrel than a bear, hibernation-wise – they sleep a lot but come out on sunny days if they feel like it. Sounds good. Anyway, I like tepid. Friday’s temperature was just fine for me (I didn’t wear a jumper) but more daylight would be nice, I admit.

  7. joseph, i don’t even get as far as the Save Drafts step. i just have dozens of post-its and stupid Notepad files at work with about three sentences in them plus an excel spreadsheet called Ideas.xls that has a tab called WNP TO DO and currently has nineteen items on the list. arrrghhh…

    31 degrees in canberra… yikes!

    kirsten – you’re right, friday’s temp was great! it’s not the cold i find hard to deal with, just the lack of light when i leave work makes me a little blah.

  8. i own a black cat, who has crossed my path three times in the time it has taken me to fill ou=t this form. he’s helping 🙂 he’s definitely not bad luck, my life has improved so much since i got him.

    having said that, he used to have an identical sister, but she got run over. i guess that wasn’t too lucky!

    autumn/winter in england always makes me crazy too, i sympathise.

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