All The Lonely People

Merry Christmas from Geriatric Rescue HQ! So far there's been one drunk geezer, three burning turkeys and one Ah've Fallen And Cannae Get Up Hen. No one's toppled into their tree yet.

I'd been feeling a little blue today with all my family on the other side of the globe, but it's sobering to be working here and realising there's a lot of elderly people who are genuinely alone. Surround yourself with people, this is my advice to you! Be nice to folk and make as many friends as possible. That way, when you're old and needing help you can phone them instead of some hapless Australian in a call centre.

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17 thoughts on “All The Lonely People

  1. A person can only be measured by the sum of other peoples knowledge of that person.

    The very little I know of you from you blog makes you a good person in my mind.

    Merry Christmas

  2. Merry Xmas S!

    You’re not the only one working on Xmas. It generally means you’ve got people to talk to though – and not a toll call away!

    Scott F 🙂
    (In London)

  3. merry christmas shauny! and gareth!

    are you over the novelty of a cold christmas yet? and what did santa bring you?

  4. Merry Christmas, Miss Shauny.

    Never sell yourself short for your role as Benefactress Of The Old and Wobbly. It’s a wonderful thing that you’re doing for those old trouts.

  5. Thanks Shauny for that wonderful picture of The Breakfast Pack. On Christmas evening in the grip of a tummy wog, wanting desperately to be able to throw up and go to sleep, I reminded myself of the lovely photo you had posted. I threw in a few mental pictures of Spam and Bubble & Squeak, and hey presto mission complete – you had saved me.


  6. If there’s a heaven — OK, there’s not, but let’s ignore that for noo — if there’s a heaven, all those wee old Scots will be keeping a good seat for you. Though you might hear, every now and then, “Ach, hen, ah’ve dropped my harp and cannae bend doon tae pick it up…”

  7. heheh, poor denny.

    oh, people, i am no mother theresa… i do it for the triple time hourly rate! hence my being here again on boxing day.

    lizzzzz – santa hasn’t been yet but i am hoping he’ll deliver in the next few days 🙂

  8. Never mind the money! If you’re being nice to the biddies and buffers (rather than grumpy, like most people would be who have to work over Xmas) then you’re doubtless earning the sainthood points anyway.

    I hope you got together with Gareth later and had some fun, though. And that you get some time off soon.

    I shall be spending most of tomorrow trying to get home on a train. A British, Virgin train. Possibly a cancelled Virgin train (in which case, I’ll be spending most of tomorrow on a station platform). With me will be my boyfriend, who finds this kind of thing incredibly stressful. We must be mad.

  9. Dear Shauny,

    Do you know the mystery of the crucified stuffed animals?

    While going to Batemans Bay for the birthdays 2 weeks ago, I counted 30 stuffed bears and 1 teletubby nailed to various trees along the side of the road from Canberra to Bungendore.

    I’ve asked everyone I know. You’re my only hope. Please advise.


  10. Now, lets dress up Shauny in a wedding dress something from Green Gables… (smile)

    Life without a lover is death without a witness.
    – Proverb, Spanish

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