Revolution in the Pants

gael.jpg For the past five years, Rory has compiled an annual list of his favourite books, albums, movies, foodstuffs and visited cities. It’s dead charming to have this record of evolving tastes, interests and adventures. I almost wish I’d done the same thing, except laziness always prevailed in the past. But here’s me giving it a red hot go for 2004.

I’m ashamed to admit I did not finished one single book this year, but started nine. My favourite albums were Margarine Eclipse by Stereolab and Blue by Joni Mitchell. I guzzled down olives, oatcakes and port (The Drink of Mothballed Aunties). My top fillums were Eternal Sunshine and The Motorcycle Diaries, the latter I saw twice because of the gorgeousness of the South American landscapes and that smouldering siren Gael Garcia Bernal. I’d start a revolution in his pants any day.

The one thing I can do properly a la Rory is the list of Visited Cities. 2004 was the Year of the Crazy Travelling so you must allow me to indulge. There will never again be such a wild orgy of travel, and I will no doubt spend 2005 crying into my passport, clawing my itchy feet and mourning the heady days where all that mattered was saving up dosh for the next adventure.

So here’s the touns in chronological order:

  1. Glasgow, Scotland
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark
  3. Stockholm, Sweden
  4. Helsinki, Finland
  5. St Petersburg, Russia
  6. Moscow, Russia
  7. Minsk, Belarus
  8. Warsaw, Poland
  9. Berlin, Germany
  10. Prague, Czech Republic*
  11. Riga, Latvia
  12. Tallinn, Estonia
  13. Vilnius, Lithuania
  14. Alicante, Spain
  15. Valencia, Spain
  16. London, England

* Just the airport. That doesn’t count!

I chopped out assorted provincial Russian and Baltic cities as well as our Scottish highland and island jaunts to make the list a sweet sixteen and to dilute my wankiness. Ha ha!

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16 thoughts on “Revolution in the Pants

  1. ooohhhh, i’m so jealous! but obviously just as big a wanker since i have copied your brilliant idea for my own blog! thanks for the year of great travel stories, and the inspiration!

  2. Well that’s a longer list of cities than mine – bravo!

    I only included the “foodstuffs” bit as a one-off joke, but after your previous entry I can see I’ll have to make it a regular feature.

  3. rory – i see black pudding made your list, the lorne sausage only just missed out on mine, bwahaha.

  4. Airports totally count, as you are still in the country! Excellent travel work, just keep on tick’en’em off the list.

    (Aaaaand can you get anymore Australian?!? “Crikey, what a wanker!” – geez I bloody love it!!
    I say crikey all the time and often can’t believe that I have, like I’m steve farkin erwin or something – rather embarrassment.)

  5. PS: Merry Bloody Christmas to you Shauny – thanks again for your excellent and witty blog, it’s all good stuff.

    Langkawi for Christmas lazing by the pool bar. hooorah!!!

  6. you are kidding me! My whole novel was eaten up and spat out because it had “D0es 1T” in it?!?!?!

    Well in that case let’s just stick with:

    A very merry Chrissie to you, Miss Shauny!
    And thanks for all the happy giggles!

  7. Starting from Edinburgh, here’s the magnificent 2004 Travel List:

    1. Brodick, Arran.
    2. Wiesbaden, Germany (for the fourth – or maybe fifth – time).
    3. Mainz, Germany (ditto. Same trip)
    3. Worcester, England (twice).
    4. Birmingham, England.

    Am now feeling somewhat downhearted by the non-globetrotterish nature of this list. Do you think I need to re-examine my lifestyle?

    (Not that the Arran and Germany trips weren’t a lot of fun, but my sister has managed Paris, Slovakia and Senegal in the same period. Oh, and Arran.)

  8. Shauny (and Rory) this is an excellent idea, I think I’ll flog it for myself 🙂

    Hmm, cities visited:

    1) Sydney, Australia.
    2) Batemans Bay, Australia.
    3) …

    Yowzers. I’d better dust off the passport for 2005 so my list doesn’t look as dismal next year 🙂

    I’m a bit late for Christmas, but Happy New Year to you!

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