The Road to Red Square

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On 19 June we were on the bus for a good seven hours, making our way from Novgorod to Moscow. When I wasn’t scoffing Finnish chocolate I was pressed up against the window trying to take photos of fast-moving objects.

It was an unforgettable journey after four days in the relative glamour and beauty of St Petersburg. There were miles of run-down houses, crumbling roadside stalls selling beachtowels and stuffed toys, endless silvery lakes, a truck stop zoo complete with drugged hyenas, and the ever-present old ladies in headscarves glaring at our obnoxious white tour bus.

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6 thoughts on “The Road to Red Square

  1. On June 19 I was driving through Mississippi on the way to New Orleans. The language was just as foreign, but the scenery only slightly less exotic. Thanks for sharing, Miss S!

  2. I hate to think of those poor animals trapped and miserable – I’d rather seem them put down than live their lives like that.

  3. Nice photos, shame about the animals.

    BTW, if you are in Edinburgh on Saturday, why not pop along to the Scottish Blogmeet!

    2pm at The Hub Cafe bar (top of Royal Mile I think). The bar staff will be primed to know whee the ‘bloggers’ are sitting.

    No probs if you have other plans, you know, like being elbowed to bits in the annual melee known as Christmas shopping.

  4. Excellent photos. Interesting, for me, to see Russia looking summery – I went there once, but it was Easter and everything was still covered in snow. Or lovely brown slush.

    I agree about the animals. The World Society for the Protection of Animals runs a campaign to save “tourist-attraction” animals in Eastern Europe, called “Libearty”. They’ve evidently got a long way to go.

    If you search for Libearty on Google, it does come up first, but then there are an awful lot of references to Beanie Babies…

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