image from What's got a wild scraggly beard, bloodshot eyes and a foxy accent? That'd be Gareth, after one week of extreme insomnia and dodgy early morning TV documentaries about combine harvesters and obscure Soviet composers.

I suddenly woke up at 2.02 AM today to find him peering at me in the half-dark.

I reached out and patted the furry face and said, "Are you STILL bloody awake?"

To which he replied, "Will you marry me Shauna?"

I said, "Are you SERIOUS!?"

(Which really annoyed me because, if/when the moment ever happened, I had planned to respond with something witty and memorable like, "Depends… will you wear a kilt?". But instead I said, "Are you SERIOUS!?" in a broad, booming Aussie accent, like I was Steve Irwin and I'd just spotted a rare saber-toothed kookaburra or something.)

Gareth said that he was serious.

So I said, "Am I awake?"

He said that I was indeed awake.

So I said, "Yes! Of course!".

Fourteen hours later I still feel too excited and stunned and grinny and teary and lucky and so freakin happy to articulate properly, so for now it's just… WOOHOO!

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137 thoughts on “Crikey!

  1. Where’s the ring?

    Where’s the getting down on one kilted knee?

    Oh…and what’s the date?

    WHEW…so many questions! That’s enough for me now.

    Makes getting up in the morning for one of those “brekie packs” a whole new experience, doesn’t it?


  2. Hi there, found your blog via Frecklegirl, and CONGRATULATIONS!! I love your telling of the story. Very sweet.

  3. Congratulations! (don’t worry – the proposal doesn’t usually work out the way you imagined it::: although i think this one was pretty special anyway!)

  4. Cool and sweet at the same time.

    A nice romantic start to the year.


    Scott πŸ™‚

  5. CRIKEY!
    congrats, shauny! how extremely wonderful and wonderful and wonderful and wonderful.
    so will he be wearing a kilt?

  6. congrats, shauny! how extremely wonderful and wonderful and wonderful and wonderful.
    so will he be wearing a kilt?

  7. Congratulations.

    Sounds like you’re the luckiest couple on earth. You get a reprieve from transportation to Canberra for the term of your natural life, and he gets you.

  8. (Sorry about the TrackBack mess, btw; just ironing the bugs out of my improvised TrackBack pinging system.)

  9. Congratulations!! Your comments keep rejecting me for saying p o i s e d! r e a d y t o w e d ! Is that nasty in Oz talk???

  10. HOORAY!

    I’m so excited for you, and so happy he’s a smart bunny and knows to hold on to a good thing (the good thing being YOU) .

    *chanting* KILT KILT KILT

    I’m getting married in California and we’ve got all our surf-dude groomsmen to hire kilts…and my Dad, the tweed-wearing englishman, will even have a Zebra-striped sporren to complete his ensemble.


    PS – is your face hurting from grinning yet?

  11. oooh, that’s great! Congratulations to both of you! Scotland gets to keep you – what a lucky country. I’m so happy for you, this is great news!

  12. Are you serious!!!!!!!!!! That’s fantastic news! Wow, what a great start to 2005. And just the start of more adventures.

  13. I cannot believe I’ve never met you and I am so excited I just want to ring someone and tell them – noone I know has even read you, though, so that would be fairly pointless πŸ™‚

    Congratulations! If the wellspring of good feelings is in any way indicative, yours will be a long and incredibly happy life together πŸ™‚

  14. A Haiku of Congratulatory… Ness!

    Gareth and Shauny
    Happy, in love and engaged
    Like Scott and Charlene

    (Only before they were married and they were still engaged)

    Congratulations to a wonderful, caring and deserving person! And to Shauny too!

    And as Angry Anderson would sing “Suddenly I’m seeing you…”

    Or as Kojak might say “Who loves you baby?” to which the answer is lots of people, but predominantly Gareth.


  15. Wow! I’m a long-time reader, very rare commenter. Congratulations to you both. That’s wonderful news, and as always your writing style makes the story that much more enjoyable.

  16. woohoo! Brilliant! Congratulations! And not jumping the gun or anything but babies? Are you going to have lots of babies? Having only developed an interest in babies quite late in life I am now one of those you-can-never-have-too-many-babies people. Its such cool news and I hope you’re both going to be blindingly happy.

  17. Congratulations! Read you all the time, don’t often comment. Our proposal was not how I imagined either, but I haven’t forgotten any of it.

  18. Congrats on the great news!

    I will be hitting Scottish shores myself soon and hoping you’ve not taken the last good man in Scotland. From all the things you’ve written about Gareth, though, it seems likely.

    Well done to both of you!

  19. Hooray! Congratulations, you two crazy kids. Loves ya both.

    Sniffle… our little girl is all grown up….

  20. Hey, congrats, thats great. My proposal was different to what hubby had planned, but was just as special. The next day I woke up and quickly looked at my ring finger to see if I had just dreamed it!

  21. ooooooooh!!! can’t believe it!!!!
    our shaunster is all grown up!

    Have you checked out his father yet – to see what Gareth will turn into in years to come? Ear hair, strange warts, bulging bits, etc etc



  22. Well, at least it was a suprise, in the middle of the night! Big congrats to Gareth for picking a memorable, yet not soppy romantic way to propose! And for catching a Shauny.

    And now you get to stay overseas! Yay. (For you, that is. We’d love to have you back)

    Very happy for you both πŸ™‚

  23. oh miss shauny I am so happy for you both!! Congratulations!

    Does this mean you aren’t returning to Canberra? *sniff*

    *BIG HUGS*

  24. Wow!! Congratulations!! And just a week after you mentioned the “potential mother-in-law” incident!!

    Were you hiding something from your fans? You could see this coming, couldn’t you? Come on… You can tell me…..

    All the best for you and the kilt man!!

  25. Hey lady! Congratulations! It’s a fantastic feeling, isn’t it?

    Who’d’ve thought we’re *both* be engaged this year? Wow.

  26. btw Miss Shauny, I clicked on the “photo of Gareth” link in the “How to write yourself into fame and fortune” entry which showed the beloved hugging a tree in Valencia, and I am proud to say that I have hung out beneath that very same tree, I RECOGNIZE it, it is a tree from the Paises Catalanes, el meu payes, MY COUNTRY (ok, I was born in the Barossa and grew up in Mudgee not far from you) but I have a connection to your stories, even if I’m not engaged to a wonderful man…. and am I insanely jealous? Of course not! But please, you are both welcome in Barcelona anytime. Much love and felicidades….. and I’m serious. I’m jealous, and serious about you both visiting Barcelona….

  27. Congrat-u-flamin’-lations, as Alf Stewart would say. That made me get all teary, that did. The happiest of wishes to you and Gareth!

    If you let me be one of your bridesmaids, I’ll frock up as a sabre-toothed kookaburra, I promise.


  28. I have to say this in Public, you deserve very happiness and frankly from what I have read you kiddo are quite a catch, so Gareth should count himself lucky.


    The killer question is…

    What has the Mothership said?

    Also – where do we send presents.


    I wish you two all the best!!!

    And planning a wedding will definately give you lots to write about as well…. my sis got married recently, and the organisation involved made me swear to elope to Vegas to be married by Elvis when my time comes….!

  30. Bit late, but I only just heard (read). Congratulations! I think it was romantic how he was staring at you while you slept – or creepy. You decide ;p

  31. Wow! Wow, wow, wow, and WOW!!!!

    Congratulations to you and to Gareth! What a way to start the year! Best wishes to you on a calm, tranquil, ennui-filled engagement!

    We actually have some news as well: we were married on December 30th!

    My suggestion for Gareth blogentries: “The Kilt.”

    your pals in New York,
    Trevor & Lorraine

  32. Oh Shauny!!!! I’m so happy for you… my grin probably not as big as yours, but close. Gareth sounds so lovely. And your “Am I awake?” made me smile. (When Jon asked me I was so happy I hugged him and forgot to say yes, and he had to ask again!)

    I have to say, I wish I was getting married in eleven weeks instead of fifteen months… it’s hard to take in such a distant prospect.

    Is the Mothership (and co.) coming over? What did she say when you told her? You have to tell us!

    Oh, dear, I’ve gone all excited and girly.
    Anyway, congratulations to you and the kiltie,

    Edinburgh Kirsten

  33. HOLY FARKIN SHIT there are a lot comments on here!

    where to begin?!

    thank you to you all! we haven’t decided on a single freaking thing yet, all i know is that it will happen in the next 11 weeks, HA!

    more soon, LURVE!

  34. See, I slip out for a few days and you go and get engaged. memo to self: read shauny more regularly else she’ll go off and become prime minister. Many, many congratulations.

  35. sorry, I am BE surfing and lost my place, I came here from the other place of yours. HEhehe. Talk about crazy commenting. But I am so happy for you anyway.

  36. Congratulations Shauny and a man with a Scottish accent… I mean… you can die happy now… but not before breeding at least two happy little bloggers. Bless.

  37. I KNEW IT!!

    I KNEW that you said no to me for a reason. It was so that you could fly halfway around the world and marry a DREAMY scottish boy called Gareth with a lovely accent and cute scruffiness.

    Feisty and I extend our most heartfelt congratulations on your impending nuptiuals (does anyone actually know how to spell that word?).

    I’m not going to make any comment whatsoever about the whole baby thing, except to pass on a piece of stirling advice. When Feisty and I were newlyweds (before we’d managed to lob the pumpkin in the oven, as it were), if any distant relatives or annoying turds asked us any probing questions about the timing of a rugrat, Feisty would pretend to burst into tears and run out of the room. This ensured that no-one in the room at the time would ever ask anything of the sort again. It only took about three incidents before the whole family shut the fark up and let us get on with our own timetable (which involved shagging like little fluffly bunnies, hooray for that).



    you right ripsnorter.

    Tell the G man that he’s the best, and cooler even than Shakin Stevens.


  38. Wow, Shauny has many readery people..

    The 88 value must be representative of those who are most loyal.

    This is like a new vehicle for becoming famous; sparsely famous with density increasing.

    And I extend my congratulations.

  39. Bit worrying when half the comments above yours say “sorry this is late”, but better late tha… oh, they say that too. Okay, then.

    Congrats, Shauny!

  40. cheers, you legends! thanks for being so kind.

    btw natalie – gareth says he wasn’t staring at me, he was actually staring out the window thinking, “FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCK!”. and here i was thinking he’d been gazing at me lovingly. it’s hard to tell in the dark!

  41. Ditto to what Daniel said — I am too moved to truly express what I am feeling right now. In a nutshell: Shauna, I adore you, and could not be more thrilled.

    Also, e-mail me your current phone number so I can call you one of these days. It’s been ennnnnnnnnnnntirely too long!

    Love, love, and more love —


  42. Congratulations! I remember how much I grinned when my best friend (he has a girlfriend, it’s all very complicated) said he was madly in love with me, and that was a LOT, so you must be grinning like, 1000000 times more than that, so WOW! πŸ™‚

  43. lovely shauny,

    I’ve been reading for years and never had the guts to comment, but this THIS has kicked my fingers into action

    yay. yayyay. YAYYYYYY

    much happiness and sprinkling of rose petals in joyous cherub fashion for you and scruffy scotsman

  44. sweet jesus! i literally exclaimed “Shite! Shawny’s getting married!” and got wierd looks from nearby people.

    I’m going to add to the pile of 100+ congrats with another one, i hope it’s all great and giggly and wonderful. yay! ^_^

  45. I usual leave your blog grinning, but this grin is orders of magnitude larger.


    Of course you know all the wedding guest are reguired by law to blog the wedding. I’d put together a How-to use blogger+flickr for event recording if so desired.

    I’m sure there’s a lot of readers who want to see! And it would be a funky present from the mob to document this momentus occasion.

    Gareth-related blog entries should be called “squeeze related”, or some such.

    I’m looking forward to some lovely chaotic wedding organisation posts.

    Give Gareth a hug from me!

  46. To celebrate your engagement I will be wheeling my four-burner BBQ from Melbourne to Edinburgh to hopefully arrive in time to cook a Barbie at your wedding reception. Get the lambchops and snags ready. I’ll be there in about 14 months.

    Good on yez!

  47. I’ve been reading for years… and the chick I was reading about back then would have spat her drink back out her nose in disbelief, if someone had told her that in no time at all a cute scottish lad would crawl into her bed and propose! It’s a fairy tale I tell you! Congratulations.

  48. Bloody Excellent!!! a big CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Been trying to get onto your site for days but it’s been a no go – probably because every bastard has been coming on to wish you all the very best!

    Wonderful Happy News

  49. OMG that’s brilliant! A million congrats and hugs!
    What about Under The Kilt as category?

    Girl, this is magic, magic, magic!

  50. The great thing about beng engaged to an insomniac is that you can tell the priest he never slept with you before the wedding πŸ™‚
    As another of your long-term lurkers, there’s never been a better time for me to come out and say to you you’re wonderful and he’s a very lucky man. Much happiness to you both.

  51. Jeeez Shauny, I neglect to check your blog for a day or two and suddenly it’s all lurve and chaos! Fabulous and wondrous news! You’re going to have that gorgeous accent to keep forever! (Not to mention the kilt thing, which is also a huge plus…)

  52. Another lurker rears his wizened head to offer congratulations and hopes for a long and deliriously happy life together. Well done!!

  53. Hurrah. This is what happens when I avoid the computer for the entire holiday season. I miss everything. Congratulations!!!!! I’m very excited for you.

  54. I too have been away from the puter for holidays and have only just discovered the wonderful news. Congrats Shauna and Gareth! Long may you love.

  55. To add to the record. Congratulations!!!
    This is such a happy occasion that the lurkers are surfacing (including me). Heh.

  56. Another delurker. Love your blog; fantastic news! Congrats and best wishes! Y’always make me grin, and this one takes the cake. Very happy for you both.

  57. Oh my god!!!! This is fantastic news *very happy dance* I need to read here more often – sorry for being so far behind on the news!!!!!!!!

  58. Well done Shuny. Can’t wait to see how obscure your wedding photos will be (judging on Track record).

  59. Shauny, it’s been far too long since I surfed over this way — references to DH/MM eventually got me over here. Congrats!

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