I Wish To Complain

There’s been a big stack of emails and comments lately from people wanting to let me know how rubbish I am. At first I took it all personally and I’ve been freezing up every time I go to post something new. But it’s time to get over it – if you have a website with an email address and comments box, you have to expect all sorts of feedback.

If anyone else is busting to send such an email or comment, just bear in mind that this is just a silly, inconsequential little blog and I’ve never pretended it was anything more than that. And as it says on the About page, “I don’t take this site seriously, so take anything I write with a grain of salt. I just like to crap on about silly things that happen.”

UPDATE:  Feeling bloody embarrassed about this now! I’d deliberately switched off comments on this so it didn’t look like I was fishing for reassurance; I just wanted to rant it out of my system! Thanks to those who emailled or left comments elsewhere. I’m working on that Thicker Skin thing 🙂

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