We Have The Technology

Be sure to tune in this Thursday 3rd March because I will attempt to post a few pictures LIVE from our nuptials. They will be of the shoddiest, low-resolution cameraphone kind. My grasp of mobile technology can be described as “shithouse” at best, so if it doesn’t work please don’t come after me with sharp knives. I tried to send a test pic to this blog via Flickr but it just won’t bloody work, so just check my Flickr page every now and then coz that is where the grainy delights will be. Hopefully.

At a very rough guess you may see a trickle of images around 7PM Edinburgh time (GMT), which translates as: 11AM San Francisco 1PM Guatemala 2PM New York 4AM Tokyo (Friday) 6AM Sydney (Friday)

So Mothership, set your alarm!

Update: Wedding pics have now been archived. Thanks for all your good wishes!

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68 thoughts on “We Have The Technology

  1. hurrah! Hurrah! we get to see the bride!
    so exciting.
    I will be throwing my confetti over the computer from about 5am here in sydney
    good luck! have fun! šŸ˜€

  2. OMG… this is so exciting.. wedding of the year, roll over Charles and Camilla !!!

    Big congratulations to you both.

  3. This just shows, for the millionth time, how annoying it is that Queensland refuses to adopt daylight saving. Sydney’s 6am is my 5am… but I’m keen. I’ll be up and throwing rice at my laptop – waiting for cookies to be replaced by LURVE.

  4. I can almost see the headlines now – The Queen of blogging goes geek on her wedding day.


    Have a wonderful, wonderful day.

    And then again for the next two!

  5. I’ll get some confetti in too. Might have to hoover it out of the keyboard afterwards.

    Maybe I’m a geekette too (OK, I am) but I think that’s the coolest idea I’ve heard for ages – and will definitely be watching.

  6. This is the event of the year! I will be shocking everyone by coming in to work before daylight (the internet connection is better here – hee hee!). Can’t wait to see you guys all smiley and hitched!

    – Nic

  7. You RULE…I will be here waiting with rice to throw at the computer screen. Blubbering into a handkerchief and saying…Shauna looks so BEAUTIFUL…SOB

  8. The mothership is watching on the net too? lol, how’d you do it?
    I’m sooo happy for you though!! Oh! and enjoy ure honeymoon!

  9. Shauny, will this be a First? As in: first live blog wedding? I’m so thrilled for you, hope you have a wonderful wedding (preferably with some blog-worthy madness thrown in…rescue from the registry by snowmobile?) and I can’t wait for the photos.

  10. Right on, you’ll make blogging history…. But I’ll be in midflight when it happens! Somebody TiVo it for me.

    Congrats again missy!

  11. Have a wonderful day Shauny. Enjoy and delight in it. Look forward to seeing the pics.

  12. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh so excited.
    I’m already a flickr addict and check in & out all day but I’ll be glued to flickr today!
    All the best to you and gareth.

  13. Congrats, you two crazy kids. Enjoy this special day as computers around the globe crash with the excitement of the impending nuptials…

  14. Oi!

    I have butterflies in me stomach!

    Gimme the gorgeous bride ‘n groom!!!!

    (taint 7 yet dammit!!!!)

  15. Glad to see I’m not the only one counting down!


    (and that’s after refraining from checking for the past hour)

    ooooh! 48 minutes now….

  16. WOOHOO!

    The multimedia is working!

    I’m so glad it’s a slow morning at work, so I can devote my attention to constantly refreshing and hoping for more photos.

    Hooray for the romance of the internet!


    Enough exclamation points? Consider them as substitute for confetti.


  17. I’ve got the KB soundtrack on as “wedding music” now…I’m sure I’ll always assocation “woo hoo” with matrimony now.

  18. Delurking to say your dress is gorgeous – you look DIVINE!!! Congrats to you! šŸ™‚

  19. My first Internet wedding — woohoo!


    Where are the pictures of the kilted one? Him I gotta see.

  20. HITCHED!

    Brightest Blessings on you both, here’s to a long and happy union between the purples and the manly boxers.

    *toasts with dodgy german mineral water*

  21. Congratulations Guys!!

    Shauny you look totally beautiful in that dress and your hair is fantastic!!

    I’m jealous beyond belief, but so so happy for you too šŸ™‚

    All the best, you crazy kids!

  22. Rawk! I’m so excited for you both! Oh and Shauny, you are a stone-cold fox in that gown. You were right, it’s perfect!

    All hail Mr. and Mrs. Kilt!
    *throwing virtual confetti and playing the wedding march on a kazoo*

  23. Shauny-

    Really love what you have done with the place. You are darn right. The kilt is soo sexy. Grrrr!


  24. Oh, congratulations! You looked beautiful in your dress. I hope you found someone to take a whole body shot to post later.

    Best wishes for a happy, healthy, wealthy, lifelong marriage! (With plenty of kilts along the way, because they’re hot.)

  25. *blows wedding bubbles*

    Congratulations guys. Lots of people celebrating you today, and I’m one of them šŸ™‚

    That dress is stunning and you looked divine!

  26. On such a big day, even the wnp-addicts that normally read your hilarious posts in silence, feel the need to leave some words.. Congratulations to both of you!

  27. I’d post something long and meaningful but the confetti in my keyboard is driving me nuts. So: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Go Kilts, go!

  28. YAY! You’re hitched! Go you!!

    Congratulations to the both of you. Love the ‘blue’ thingy and the dress is just lovely! Oh and tell Gareth that if he wins, take the money and run! Don’t gamble it away! šŸ™‚

    Lots of love to the both of you!!!

  29. *sniffle**sniffle** *sob* *happy sigh*

    Sorry – but I always cry at weddings. You guys are so beautiful **sniffle*sigh**

  30. I been coming ‘ere and seeing and coming ‘ere and seeing and coming ‘ere and seeing and yet coming ‘ere and seeing once more! But I may be coming ‘ere and seeing and coming ‘ere and seeing again!



    And yes, I know tis all greek to you, but it comes straight from my heart so you got to accept ’em!!!! All šŸ˜‰

  31. “Marriage is popular because it combines the maximum of temptation with the maximum of opportunity.”
    – George Bernard Shaw, Man and Super(wo)man.

    The whole pleasure of marriage is that you two are in charge and no one else. Enjoy. Treasure. Celebrate. Any excuse to grab the moment!

    Congratulations; may the honeymoon never end …

  32. You were in Las Vegas? *waves towards Nevada*

    My bloke had to have Tom Jones explained to him when we watched Mars Attacks…poor deprived American boy.

    Happy Honeymoon!

  33. Congratulations Shauna! I’ve been so busy I forgot to check your site for awhile… OMG YOU’RE MARRIED! YOU’RE MARRIED! OMG! I’m so excited for you!! I bet your man was gorgeous in his sexy kilt… and you beautiful in your dress. Much happiness for years to come!

  34. I am not even getting Lithuanian Ralis…….which might have been an improvement? Vastly unimpressed by this Aussie/NZ winner?

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