The stinking invitations have been sent. Thanks to all who offered to be guests; I have you all on standby!

GARETH:  Can't we just run away from the wedding party?

SHAUNA:  You can't elope when you're already married!

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10 thoughts on “Dispatch

  1. Poor Gareth. Family’s always highjack these things turning into al quaeda operatives when the word wedding is mentioned, terrorising the bride and groom and taking over completely.

    Instead of running away from the wedding party Gareth could pretend he was kidnapped and send the family a ransom video saying “hands off the wedding party or the Scotsman groom gets it”.

  2. .. or you can just ignore the “no eloping while married” rule and surprise the hell out of everybody ..

  3. just hastening outside to check the letterbox, rubbing my hands together with the anticipation. Cant wait to hear the ceiling band whatever it is….

  4. how about coming down with a dreadful illness the night before and, with red eyes and handfuls of manky tissues you and Gareth bravely wave the family away, telling them to ‘Go on without us!’ hehehe then spend the day by yourselves eating timtams… yum

  5. Ah, he’ll enjoy it once it’s actually happening. I think most guys probably go a bit blank when asked their opinion on aspects of party-planning.

    Either that, or it’s just our guys.

    Can I go on the standby list too? I didn’t want to be forward, but you can come to mine…

  6. my other half threatened to do our wedding via live link up from Barbados

    Lucky for me he changes his mind as we got married on the same day as the party!

    Have a lovely time & get lots of photos!
    x x x

  7. why did the invitations stink? did you POOP on them?????


    sorry, i spent half the day talking to a kid who’s 17 days old – what do you want from me?

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