Fat, Bald and Toothless

Yesterday marked five years since What's New Pussycat started. It may actually have been slightly earlier but I went on a deleting spree in 2001 when I coverted from Blogger to Movable Type. Nine hundred entries were purged! Can you believe I used to write that often? And my installation of MT was so ye olde that you could only delete ONE ENTRY AT A TIME. It took me weeks and they released an upgrade the day after I was finished. Bastards. Five years on, there's signs this blog is letting itself go. In 2000 I redesigned ten times; but now I've had the same template since 2002. There's dead links and broken images galore. I get 2000 comment and trackback spams a day, 95% of which are blocked by MT Blacklist but the load on the server is so great that many folk can't comment because the pages time out. Either that or their comment gets blocked because I went too crazy adding words to the blacklist and have inadvertently banned perfectly innocent phrases. So from a technical and aesthetic perspective WNP looks like it is wallowing in mid-life crisis, stopped-trying, frequent-farting mode. Just like the last anniversary, I still strain and grunt to push out each infrequent update but ultimately it's still good fun. And Good Fun is more important than GOOD LOOKS or clean code or regular updates. Right? Yeah? Are you with me?

Reclining Man of North Beach
San Francisco, March 2005

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31 thoughts on “Fat, Bald and Toothless

  1. incidentally the purged entries were really shite, What I Had For Breakfast type stuff.

    if anyone knows how to disable trackback, like totally DESTROY AND REMOVE it altogether could you please email me? i have stripped it from my templates and made sure it’s disabled for new entries but the spams keep pouring in. is there some file i need to delete? any help at all would be verrrrrrrrrry very gratefully received 🙂

  2. Try renaming mt-tb.cgi. Or install MT-Moderate, a plug-in that will automatically make any comments or trackbacks on posts more than X days old moderated.

  3. Uh, Happy Anniversary? Surely this is a time for cavorting and ululating for joy and praising your sticktoitness and ongoing popularity and junk like that. No sad – happy! Happy, I say!

    Gads, I started reading in aught one and I’m still doing it – there are kids who have been here from the start and are still around – testament to the ongoing splendour that is the pussycat. Congratulations! Love!

    Hey – why not have a reader redesign contest? You can put your pants up as first prize. weoo!

  4. Happy anniversary WNP! I’m happy with whatever updates you want to share, as long as you never quit altogether!!

  5. w00t! Happy anniversary WNP!

    Ahh mid-life wallow mode. The Mess knows it well also. Can it be that our blogs have seen us through the time when we needed them most as outlets?

  6. Sometimes having a life is more important than writing about it. As you know, I’ve read you from near the start and as far as I’m concerned you’re always getting better.

    I use MT Moderate myself, and it makes housekeeping fairly easy and keeps the stains from showing.

  7. I didn’t know what to do with trackback spam so I disabled the feature altogether, one-by-freaking-one, but I turned on the MT option to require TypeKey registration and that has eliminated comment spam entirely. Some readers may not bother to register, but if they don’t want to take the extra 30 seconds that first time, I say who needs ’em?

    Happy Anniversary!

  8. thanks groovers – and great idea monkey. might auction a pair of PURPLES!

    i already use MT-Moderate. It moderates all the spam comments, but doesn’t seem to work for the trackbacks. but it’s the volume of them that is causing the problems. The load on the server is so huge that i can’t ever rebuild my site without it timing out at least half a dozen times.

  9. Yay!!!!!!! 5 years! Who cares about the design and tech-y showoff bits? As long as you can write, that´s all I care about! And who cares if you don´t update six times a week? No need to write shite for the sake of posting an entry, just write what you want to write because you love writing, and you have a special gift for it!
    You have the gift of making people laugh, and making their day brighter. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

    And if you get sick of maintaining a blog, then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write a real book, that people can buy and hold in their hands and have in their homes, all over the world. Available via amazon.com, of course! You know you could sell a couple of thousand copies, guaranteed!

  10. Yea gads, if this is current quality, I faint in awe at the idea of the beginning posts! You’re fabulous, and I can sit in front of my computer for hours reading your archives. This is one of the 4 blogs written by people I don’t know that I constantly (almost daily) check – let that be praise! You’ve actually made me laugh out loud (forever worrying my family) and I admire your excellent post structure. In short, Happy Anniversary!

  11. Best wishes on the anniversary Shany. I blame the success that is WNP for my own lamentable foray into blogs. You started it, thanks! You also make me laugh out loud, so I keep coming back for more. Whatever you can share is always appreciated. Cheers

  12. Wow. Five years- that’s amazing! I hope that WNP’s mid-life crisis doesn’t turn into an early death…

  13. WOW! Happy 5 years!

    Now you’ll always know how long you’ve been married, ‘weblog minus five= x”. handy huh! congratulations and keep typing.

    (i’m a sprightly 3and a half myself but have also lost a lot of early entries in a spring-clean-gone-wrong)

  14. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Pussycat
    Happy birthday tooooo you!

    If you redesign, please don’t get rid of the cat. I know, everyone needs a change sometimes, but I’m fond of the cat and I find the current design one of the easiest on the eyes. Congratulations on the five years! The entries certainly don’t read as though you’d “stopped trying”…

    (When I was starting my own blog, I didn’t know what to write to start things off, and spent a lot of time looking to see what other bloggers had put for their first ever entry. I was obscurely disappointed that the first Pussycat had vanished into the ether…)

  15. Many Happy Returns, Shauny …

    1st – First – Paper 2nd – Second – Cotton 3rd – Third – Leather 4th – Fourth – Fruit/Flowers 5th – Fifth – Wood …

    Hit hackers with a piece of MT – wood!

  16. Happy Anniversary Shauny! What a year! A marriage with Elvis present and a five year blogiversary. Shweeeeeeeeeeeet!

    Now, to the burning question I have posed many’s a’ time before: When are ye goin’ tae write a wee bookie lass’?


  17. happy anniversary .. the site looks good .. well .. i like it .. and .. a broken link never killed anybody .. neither did messy code ..

    the content counts .. yours is one of the best i have ever read ..

    so .. here’s to another 50 .. looking forward to ’em

  18. Love your blog, Shauny. Doesn’t matter in what format. But I figure you know that by now. Vloe & skiess,

  19. Happy 5 years!!! Whatever happened to your poetry and creative writing sections?

  20. KAT

    What are the addresses of the other blogs you’re reading?
    Thanks, mate

  21. Clean code and fancy scripts be damned! Gimme some gritty WNP text anytime! Happy blogday!

  22. Happy anniversary, champ. Chocolate crackles and cocktail franks all round! For some reason I thought it was a couple of weeks earlier, but that “it snowed” entry is the one I always remembered being the first.

  23. Congratulations! You are one fun gal, Shaunie. Even when WNP is ratty it is cool. (I personally prefer a ragged edgy aesthetic myself…who wants all that polished website shit?)

  24. Five years!!! Holy cow! Congrats to you!

    I’m only at the month or so mark … but I’m hooked.

    First time here, I’ll be back.

  25. happy blogthday shaunyporny. been here for the first five years, going to be here for the next five. I’ve gone through i think four blogs while you’ve had this one, and none of them have been as good as this. Except the one i’ve got now, of course.

    love youse, and yer sexy highlandman.

  26. Congrats on five years. I like the template just as is. I rather have you write your great entries then change the design 10 times a year. You’re writing is what keeps us reading!!!

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