I once wrote something startlingly profound about how Dawson of verbose teen drama Dawson's Creek looks like ALF, and how the toothy grin of smouldering co-star Katie Holmes reminds one of a dolphin.

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And now two-and-a-half years later she's trotting about town with Tom Cruise. Is this not a match made in orthodontic heaven? Can you imagine the fangs on the kid if they breed?

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23 thoughts on “Flipper

  1. What makes you think those are their real teeth?

    Their kids will probably have snaggly teeth, at which point they will be capped with snow-white unnatural-looking Chiclets.

    Not to mention their parents’ original noses…

  2. “Can you imagine the fangs on the kid if they breed?”

    Nope. As soon as I tried to imagine them breeding, I passed out and hit my head on the coffee table.

  3. LOL So funny…I happend to write an entry in my journal about the happy couple a couple days ago entitled, “Just to get it off my chest…”

    Check it out! :o)


  4. I think the “Bewitched” nose-twitch Mr Cruise is doing is infinitely more disturbing.

    Also the age-gap, but that’s nothing in Hollywood, is it?

  5. They deserve each other. They look like Mr Plastic and his daughter.

    OUR NIC is well shot of him

  6. ugh, the whole thing just creeps me out – i know the age difference is only 15 years, but it freaks me out – she’s so young – and he’s so old!

  7. 42 and 26? Not that big a deal, surely. If these were everyday people nobody would care. “So young” makes it sound as if she’s 16.

  8. The creepy thing is that she probably had posters of him on her wall a few years ago. But the age difference doesn’t make that much difference now. She’s a fully grown woman and he doesn’t look that old. I wouldn’t say no, anyway!

  9. They are such a freaky couple. I console myself with the thought that the relationship will be over as soon as the movie finishes at the box-office.

  10. Shauny, are you the Shauna that contributed to Tales from the Scale? I read Robyn Anderson’s blog religiously, and when she said she’d contributed to a book had to find it on Amazon: there I see a quote from a Shauna, and I was just wondering if it was you?

  11. it just seems to unlikely – katie over nic? puh-lease! anyways, if i was katie i’d prefer the dolphin, least his nose is sexy.

  12. a) Tom Cruise is impotent or possibly gay..
    b) kids would be a weird little bushy monobrowed big schnozed fang-toothed freak undersized and wearing platform shoes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I just saw something spooky on E! (don’t you love it how they give themselves the exclamation mark?). They had a bit of a 2002 interview with Katie Holmes’ sister (Tammy is her name), and she said that one of Katie’s big breams when she was growing up was to marry Tom Cruise! Is that determinism or fatalism, do you think? It must be like a dream come true. Aww.

    Also, yes, Tom Cruise does shoot blanks.

    PS Shauny – love your blog. I laugh out loud all the time.

  14. aye dee, that’s me! but i can’t talk about that on here til the mothership gets her copy in the mail (it’s en route) coz i forgot to tell her and i can’t tell the internet before i tell her. hehe.

    poor tom cruise.

  15. I’m so floored by how little the world really is ๐Ÿ™‚ I shall remain silent, and order my own copy! And hope the Mothership doesn’t read your comments…

    Congrats on being published ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. dee, i don’t think she does, well i hope not anyway! thanks very much btw ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. mimi rogers, tom’s first wife, is 49. katie holmes is 26. that’s 23 years the difference. just saying.

  18. message to Dee:

    what’s the url for Robyn Anderson’s blog? I tried to find it using Google but nada.

    wanna share the joy?

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